Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda...

I'm up early getting ready to head out for Steamboat! I'm so excited for a fun weekend! :) Picking up muffins from Wooglin's on the way...yummers!

Last night we went and saw Sex in the City ...and it was so amazing...I absolutely love, loved it! :) The writers did a great job keeping the characters themselves...showing a little more of who each woman was...and allowed us to ride a very fun emotional roller coaster! Many laughs too! 

Samantha: "Good job made a little joke!"

Samantha: "I'm talking Dickwad!!"

Charlotte: "Carrie, I'm just so afraid something bad is going to happen to me."
Carrie: "Well hunny, you did poop your pants this year...I think that's pretty bad"

Thanks ladies for the fun night...hugs to all! 

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