Monday, June 2, 2008

steamboat 1/2...

Ok...So this video freaking cracked me up! :)This was totally Staci and I at the gas station in Denver yesterday...totally hilarious! :)

Steamboat was so much fun...we had a great weekend! Started Sat am with muffins and coffee on the beautiful drive there. Got checked in and strolled Steamboat to quickly find The Rio...aka...the best margarita's ever...+roof-top dining...+yummy fajitas...+margarita #2...+sunburn on Jillian's right chest and good. Took a little hike up to this really pretty lake/ pretty up there! Off to bed...early...earplugs in...nanight. Woke up to staci poking at me..."Jillian, get up". My earplugs were still in (a surprise as they usually tend to find their way individually to each hand throughout the night)...and i guess i didn't hear Staci's watch make the softest of alarm sounds...hum? A couple pokes and i was up and adam...oh was 5:15am...booy boo. The course was absolutely beautiful...except for the mile and a half uphill from the Devil. Finished about a minute over my Moab time (about 1:58 something)...but oh was still way fun...a much more relaxed run than my 1st at Moab....and best of all, my body didn't feel like totally shutting down the moment i finished! Yeah! :) We had to get into the car after showers and head back...this was no good. Nobody could get comfortable in the car...we (i mean the women in the car) were complaining basically the whole time. I don't think i'll ever get into the car just a couple hours after a race ever good. Overall a great weekend with friends...beautiful scenery...yummy margs...memorable laughs...and can't wait to go back!

I'm running the Garden of the Gods 10mile this coming Sunday...not sure if it's really the best idea...but i'l do what i can! :) Loads of up and down hills for 10 miles...sounds fun right? Will report back at a later date. :)

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Megs said...

I'm glad you posted! I kept coming back for updates!

10 miles? You goon!