Friday, May 2, 2008

what a week...

What a week it's all I can say! My brain is mush so forming sentences is quite difficult at the moment. :)

-Thank goodness this week is over. I'm ready to move forward, regain control, balance back out...and feel like myself again.

-I am hoping and praying that Cammie feels better...her pain subsides...and that her recovery is better then she thinks. I love her to pieces and wish I could take it all away.

-My brother won $800 from Blackjack in Vegas...i am jealous...i am taking lessons from him sometime soon.

-Romi and I think work is SOOOOOOO overrated and we talk every morning about how we just want to curl back up into bed and lock ourselves in the house and not pay our bills...ever. The other morning when i was about to get into the shower I asked Maili if she actually got up...did stuff...then got back into bed....she said yes. hahah- i was laughing. Even though i am really enjoying my's hard when you feel tired and feel like you never have time to do it all.

-I can't believe today is May 2nd...I feel like it was just Christmas a couple weeks ago...what happened to the time? Freaking 4 months! What the heck!?

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