Sunday, May 11, 2008

what a beautiful day...with beautiful moms!

So today was a great day for numerous reasons...

1. Had a great run with Staci this am...even though I was originally a little nervous about the long time on feet & legs! We parked one car up in Monument and one car down at the Woodman/I25 exit.  We started up in Monument...a little chilly as we were both in shorts (Staci probably colder than I...the "Hot Box").  But after a good 20 min or so, we (or I) warmed up and were on our way.  About an hour in I had some Cliff Shot Blocks (Margarita flavor-yum!) to help the the fatigue starting to set in.  We didn't calculate our time/distance exactly right I had to go an additional 12 min past the car, then 12 min back to the parked car at woodman.  That last 10 min on the hard pavement was tough stuff! Poor Staci had to deal with breathing/cough issues the whole way.  I'm noticing now that I am super sun-burned on my shoulders, great. It was so gorgeous out and it was fun seeing all the families out and about on the trail enjoying the day.  The rest of the day I felt pretty good...however my calves felt and still do feel, like they are about to cramp at any moment. :)

Place: Monument/Santa Fe Trail
Run: Long run
Distance: about 13.2 miles
Time:2hr 15min

2. Rushed home after the run to shower and get ready for mother's day brunch.  Mom, Jeanne, Gma, Maddy, Erinn and I all met at the Schmid household for yummy food and relaxing time together. Maddy went above and beyond with the food...she will be running a food-related business someday, I know this forsure! The pictures are evidence to this! Mini sandwiches, gooey-bars, pecan bars, mini-quiche, mimosas, scones, hot tea...we had it all! The moms opened cards and presents...and we all laughed whenever anyone got teary...trying to hold it off! :) I was 2/3 in the tear department with my cards...Mother Julie and Auntie Jeanne :).  Grandma brought old photo albums from when Jeanne and mom were was so fun looking at them together...we had lots more laughs. I feel so blessed to have such loving, strong, compassionate women in my life. 

3.  I am house-sitting for the owner of the store this week and taking care of his sweet dog Tassie (a 10yr old long haired doxin).  Jeff lives way on top of a hill in Manitou and has amazing views of all of colo springs and manitou/pikes peak!! There are decks all around the house and i'm excited to have my coffee sitting on the hanging chair swing on the back porch. See pics below.  I am having sadness though, missing my Romi...who I love! :) She will have to yell at Bella and Orsa as they bring in sticks on their tails without me. 

4.  There is The Office marathon on tv right now and I am in hog heaven!  The episode I just watched was the one where Michael puts on a 5k race to cure Rabies. It is hilarious! Andy has a problem with nipple chafing so he cuts off the bottom of dixie cups and tapes them over his nipples for the run.  Oh yeah, and Michael has to carbo-load with Fetachini Alfredo ( i know i didn't spell that right)...right before it starts...and he doesn't allow himself to have water. So funny! I was trying to find a video...but no luck. 

Today was so to do lots of what I like to do...and most of all, be with people are close to my heart. 

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