Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dopler... as I like to call it.

The mind has moved on from the Ascent, but the body?...maybe not so much. Three short and slow runs this week were pretty miserable thanks to a returned nagging hammie/glute. I thought we had made up, or come to some sort of compromise over the last few months, but I may have really pissed it off last Saturday. This and the IT band injury at the beginning of 2009 have luckily been my only running issues since I started about three years ago. What to do now...heal time, no running goals for a bit, learn to let go a little bit. ??? Hum, not sure how this will all go over.

CRC North will open Oct 1st...doesn't seem real after all of this time talking about it! Many of our current customers who reside north end have expressed their excitement on several occasions.

The extensions program for CPY teacher training is awesome. We're two weeks in, and already we've dialed in some specifics on our voice, projection, themeing, music, and heat. Everyone has "their thing" I've been told when it comes to learning to teach yoga. That one thing that holds them back at the beginning. That one thing they really have to be aware of or change in order for growth. For me it's the seriousness/lack-of-Jillian coming out in my voice. Hum... lot's to work on here.

The practice card I made that sits at the top of my mat every time I practice...

Mom and Ken supposedly have some top of pikes peak/end of the race pics of me. Not sure how attractive they are or if they are even pleasant enough to post...?

A couple of people have given me a few that are pretty neato.
Aww...Chelsa! :)
Amber... your face is bad ass! 

Moansie... since you told me you read my entire blog the other day... I shall share some music with you here:

-Junior Boys: 'The Equalizer' and 'In the Morning' 

Remember... If you'll hire me based on my playlist alone...we can chat:).

Last night I partook in a pretty much amazing experience... Bingo ladies and gents. I've been lucky enough a couple of times in the past to enjoy this cup of over-stimulation...but last night was just oh so special. Tara, Rory, Sarah and I just laughed histerically... in a very quiet way of course... the entire time. It was the 10:30p session, so out came double-decker-dobber (or dopler's as I like to call them)-bags, the 20-sheet per game participants, "blazin balls"- yells, and hot pretzels with cheese. None of us were big winners last nights...but we shall return. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes, the Pikes Peak Ascent is donezo! Once I get some more pics from friends and family I'll definitely share... but overall... wow, tough race. Definitely my worst racing experience ever. Pain, nausea, total range of emotions, altitude drama, longest time on my feet...this list could really just go on. I made it to the top eventually... in 4hr 15min. Fifteen minutes past my goal... but with two miles to go, my time goals really just fell off of the mountain and out of my mind, and I just wanted to be done. So grateful to have my friends and family at the start and finish of this beast...definitely a memorable day. Amber and Jess were right... I'll never look at the mountain the same way again.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tomorrow it is...

Pikes Peak eve is upon us. Long expo day #1 is behind us:).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And so it has arrived...

Yes, I sort have been avoiding posting the obvious... maybe because in my mind I've been avoiding it too. The Pikes Peak Ascent is in 3 days! Geez.
If you don't remember...this is how I got into this mess.
A view of the death march..
I guess I feel as ready as I can be. I have mixed emotions...excited that it's finally here, can't wait for it to be over, wow- this is going to hurt and be a long one, and hum, I've never actually done a whole 14-er before. Did I mention the expo chaos CRC is a huge part of? Yes, tomorrow begins the set up for the 2-day endeavor down at Memorial Park in Manitou Springs. We'll have shoes, clothing accessories, all of the race day essentials. A very fun way to be a part of the Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon...but lots of work for anyone involved with CRC:). John says he's going to have a heart attack and die at some point during the weekend and that I better be prepared to take over the store from that point on. Nice.

Trying my best to take it easy this week...a little bit of jogging...little bit of yoga; all preparing the body for Saturday. So excited to have some friendly faces up at the top waiting for me! Thanks guys!

Here's a cool article from the Wall Street Journal about PPA/M and trail racing.

Off to a flat, short run in Mantiou with Amber... race pics and recap to come for sure.

Monday, August 16, 2010

TT ponder.

I've been meaning to journal/blog about my Teacher Training experience for a while now...but I guess I've needed a few days to really let it all sink in. This program could not have come at a more hectic time in my life: Grandpa's passing, three races, a trip to Mexico, and a 10-year anniversary at the store...but, I really don't know when a prime opportunity would have come around as I live a chronic over-planning/over-committing lifestyle. I think it was meant to happen this way... a glimpse into the importance of making me-time, presenting out-of-the-box life experiences in the midst of regularity and routine chaos.

To say I was not totally prepared for the level of internal search and personal growth throughout this experience would be an understatement. It makes sense now, as I think about everything that goes on inside every time I lay out my mat... multiply that by one hundred and that's the 8 week teacher training program. Of course I knew it would be intense and scary... learning the entire C1 sequence, the details about each posture, the breath, and the cuing, but it very abruptly put me back into college mode: having to learn something new, memorizing, new people... a very vulnerable position. The eleven other women that were in the same boat as me, along with all of the teachers and program leaders, made the experience. I remember the first Wednesday night... all of us trainees had that dear in the headlights-what have I gotten myself into- look. However, it didn't take long for us to realize that we were in this together and the support we were offering to one another would be what get's us through. The bonds I formed with these women in my class are such a gift, and each one of them brought such laughter, joy, insight, and realness to the days we spent together.

There were many deep, personal discussions that we had as a group, and that I had in my head/heart over the last eight weeks. Communication, identifying real emotions, truth, insecurities, balance, acceptance... all oozing off the yoga mat, into my personal/work/friend/family life. Not all of my life was figured out in these 8 weeks, but spending time letting questions and unknowns linger in my heart (something I've conditioned myself not to do) lead me one step closer to finding my own truth, real self, passion and contentment.

I am still trying to figure out if teaching yoga is something I can do well... something that's in my heart. I do know that I love people, I love yoga, and I would be so honored to bring those two together in the form of teaching. The Extensions program began this week, so for the next 6 weeks I'll be working on developing my voice, increasing my confidence in the studio, and digging deep to find out who Jillian, the teacher is.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quality time, growth, laughter...

Again with a full week's catch-up. Almost.

Later in the week I headed up to mom and ken's house for dinner. Adam was in town from Denver. We ventured over to Grandma's house where we spent some time in Grandpa's room looking through his stuff. Note the hilarious glasses he is wearing above:). The sign has been on Grandpa's door since I can remember; always a good quote.

Friday afternoon was a celebration of Jeanne's 50th Birthday! Jeanne and the special women in her life all gathered at the Wisdom Tea House up in Monument. This place is beyond amazing... wonderful teas, tasty food, great ambiance. So honored to be a part of her special day. See the cool thing she did for each of us here.

Saturday was packed to the brim.  Work began at CRC at 7am with First Saturday/Sidewalk Sale! Craziness from the minute the store opened. Afterward, it was off to the second to last teacher training session. We practiced teached, and prepared for our final test out taking place on Sunday. Quick change and I headed over to the Kolher's BBQ, also known as "Megan's Party" (inside joke). Buffalo burgers, homemade guac, hummus, grilled corn, cabbage salad (yum Jess!), pie, cake, and a few alcoholic beverages out on the deck. Ryan later mentioned "well, glad to know this deck can hold this many people"...hum. Loved the quality time with friends:).

Today (Sunday) was CPY Teacher Training Graduation Day! We all walked in with bundles of nerves, ready to get the next two hours under our belt and celebrate with good food and fun! Charlotte was my partner today...absolutely love her. We did make eachother cry at the end as each of us taught. So many hilarious memories of her. Kelly brought a pinata!!...totally hilarious. Lora and Kathy really knocked er' clean. I was just double checking to see if there was any candy left in the sandal (pic above).  Our memory/thought poster was filled with funnies... I wrote about Story and her riding her motorcycle to hot yoga, sitting out front of the CA studio smoking a cigarette story she shared back the first week of the training. She responded by writing "Jillian = 100% pitta = 100% hot!!" Today was such a memorable day. I seriously cannot believe 8 weeks just flew by like that. I've learned so much about myself, about yoga, other people, breath, movement, internal truths, communication, etc. I will fall asleep tonight content and happy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The Peak was much nicer to Amber and I yesterday compared to last Monday. We weren't as high however, so the altitude factor didn't quite play the role it did the previous time. Memorial Park to Barr Camp was the route, giving me a good taste of the first paved mile+ to Barr. With ten flat miles the day before, doing this on tired legs was definitely interesting. I just kept telling myself that I'll feel even better on the actual Ascent race day... how many days and counting? 21st of August... can't it just be here now? After a quick kneel in the creek- ahh, legs...we continued on to our Great Harvest pit stop post-run. Love, love, love their bread...and sandwiches.

A random shot I found online from BTMR...I won't say where I found it so I don't get into trouble...:)

The final week of Teacher Training is, did 8 weeks ever go by quickly. A few lose ends to tie up before graduation and our test-out on Sunday. John leaves tomorrow for Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City until Friday, so aside from no Slave in the store, it's business as usual for me this week. Did I mention that we signed a lease for a second store up in the North end of town!? Exciting!...opeing Oct 1st! More on this later.

Friday begins birthday week for some of my favorite people: Jeanne, Maddy, and Sarah... can't wait for parties, cake, presents and possibly some beverages.