Thursday, May 15, 2008

to you...

I’m thinking of you lately, and in my mind I wonder why.

But in my heart I know the truth.

I know I see and feel you there in order to not forget.

So that I will not live a life with a heart filled with regret.


I want to know you now, for you to see who I’ve become.

I want to tell you what I feel, I was far from being done.


I see you in the mountains.

I hear you in a song.

I see you in his face.

When he plays the notes you taught him, standing in your place. 


Are you really gone?

It feels like a huge mistake.

To wrap my arms around you, instead of see you when I’m not awake.


I know you’re always in my heart.

Please take my hand and guide me.

Please remind me that you’re near.

Your voice I know I will forever wish to hear. 

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