Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hotty hotness outside...

So run today's run was a rough one...
It was a speed workout so i decided to drive to the Sand Creek High School track to get some flat action since i am surrounded by some gnarly hills near the house. But, once i walked up to the track, there was a sign saying it was a private facility and not open to the public...boo. So i just did hilly neighborhood action...15min warm-up...3 minutes hard..3recover...2/2...1/1...2 times through that set...then 15 min cool down. I was sprinting, then recovering on an uphill...tough stuff maynard. And, plus it was freaking hot and i had major redface! :)
Run: Speed/Fartleks
Place: Near the house
Time: 54 min
Distance: not sure :(

Work was great today...because I got some free shoes! The Adidas rep came today and gave us gals the new SuperNova trail shoes...they are freaking sweet as all get out! Can't wait to try em out on a hardcore trail! :)

This Saturday we are having a Herizons event at the store.  Herizons is an all-womens group that focuses on living a healthy lifestyle.  Anyone/Everyone welcome to come!! We will have food and drinks...plus loads of sweet giveaways! :)

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