Saturday, May 10, 2008

a turn-a-round of a day...

Even though today was a SUPER long turned out to be pretty awesome!:)

Had a splendid, beautiful run this am while it was still a bit chilly...but it was green everywhere!!! It was a great way to start off a long day.

Enjoyed a yummy wooglins White Chocolate Cherry (split with 1/2 of Staci's Blueberry) muffin...with butter...mmmmm. Oh and hot coffee of course.  

Busy day at the store with people in and out all day...certainly see it all that's for sure.  And that's all i'm going to say! 

Saw the amazing house that belongs to the owner of the store.... I'm going to house sit & take care of his sweet long-haired doxin for a week.  It sits on top of and overlooks all of manitou springs and the garden of the gods...decks all around the entire pretty! 

The Herizon's night was fun...not a huge turnout, but the people that came were so much fun! We enjoyed yummy wine and La Casita...i snarffed down 2 fajitas in about 2.5sec. Oh and we had cookies too. Thanks Dana and Meg for guys are great! :) 

Then went to Meg and Joey's ....had loads of laughter there.  Maili with her leg dance, once she saw that I brought left-over cookies + tanning bed incident...Dana with her scrunched up nose and Meg with her Napoleon Dynamite/Center Stage dancing. :) "Are those brownies over there on the table?...oh wait, no, those are hamburgers...i thought you guys were holding out on me!"- Me. 

Overall... I was thinking this day was going to be long and tough to get through.  But in the end it turned out just fine...and provided much more joy than anticipated.  That's absolutely all I can ask for in the end. 

It's super late. 
I have a 2hr 15min run tomorrow morning at 7:45am.  
Why am I blogging instead of in bed?
My feet hurt and i'm tired.
Crap i forgot to get orange juice for the mimosas for mother's day brunch tomorrow. 

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