Monday, June 29, 2009


posted anything for a even though I'm wiped out this eve...a few notables...

I've decided to run the Barr Trail Mountain Race again after two severe competitive thoughts on trail runs within the past week. Could I beat my time from last year? So, since the race is 2 weeks away, this past Sunday I figured a trip up to Barr would be a good idea...maybe to help with confidence in my footing? (Staci's idea) :) was just as painful and frustrating as I remember it. Oh well. A couple Sundays from now I will be in pain, and a salty mess...but it will be fun to be with so many great people and I will indeed be ready to push myself!

The pics below are from the Garden 10 mile race. Like I said in the last sentence above...Summer race season is great because it brings so many amazing people together for one (or many) event. It's fun hearing and watching people go through weeks of and out of the store for various things...and then being able to see them finally reach their goals. This really does help to keep me motivated to continue to push myself past what I think I can achieve running wise. Speaking of to bed...a run early in the am before work and on tired legs...ugh...I mean, yay!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Had amazing trail run this morning with some of my favorite people, and in a place I've never been! John led Dani, Mike, Christy, Staci, Randi and I off from Soda Springs park up to gorgeous Williams Canyon. We crossed many streams/waterfalls...sun creeped in between the trees...drips of water fell on our shoulders as we ran through the single track. I suddenly looked up at one point and we were out of Williams and I was now seeing Pikes Peak! After almost an hour of straight up climbing...we entered the 3.5 mile Waldo Canyon loop. A bit more climbing at first before a great couple miles of rolling downhill. Dani I were together the whole way and we laughed with all of our toe-catching trips, nose sniffling, and grunts from what seemed to be the never ending uphills! :) We headed back down Williams Canyon after finishing the Waldo loop and even though it was downhill...the legs had had about enough. So, jelloy legs and the millions of rocks forced us to really pay attention those last couple of miles. After 2 hours and 20 minutes, Dani, Mike and I had a sprint out finish at Soda Springs Park and were awarded with yummy bread and cinnamon rolls courtesy of the Danster...and they were ever so tasty!

A great day with friends...and a salty face:). Can't wait to do it again! Below is a picture I stole of part of the Waldo Canyon loop.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a grand...

evening at The Loop and Manitou Arcade last night! :) So so much fun!

We started at The Derby with some intense horse racing...Megan and Jill basically dominated. Their ticket winnings would come in handy at a later time.

Next we hit up the air hockey table while Jill got serious at the Mr Pac Man game. When I approached her, she was slumped over the machine with her arms and head resting on the buttons...I think she had had enough.

A little Dance Revolution was next (I dominated Jill after 3 rounds...sorry Bradstein). Skeeball was our last stop before we "consolidated" our tickets to purchase this gem...
The Sisterhood of the traveling pirate waterbottle...
It's bring Jess, Jill, Megan, Chelsea, and Jillian luck in love, fun at our jobs, a smile, or simply- carrier of a beverage.

Thanks for the fun and laughs dear friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

our response...

Your shoes are here now
pink chic undies stay private
so stop your bitchin'

jillian and beth

by JT...

chicks in pink undies
you need to post pics of that
where are my damn shoes?


the Steamboat trip Haiku ...

We are so damn pink
What about your underwear?
And, that's what she said

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"That's what she said..."

What a weekend in Steamboat! I am certain that each one of us needed this weekend very badly...and for many different reasons. I needed time with some of my favorite people...time to explore a new place...time to remind myself that I can still run.
We arrived in Steamboat Saturday afternoon, and after Jill and Beth picked up all of our packets, we decided to sit down for a family-style meal in our glamorous four story condo! After a tasty, pre-race dinner we participated in some ever-important toe nail painting. Staci, Dani, and I started painting our toe nails the night before the races we did a while ago...and we decided to pass on the tradition! There is just something about knowing you have pretty, fresh nails in your running shoes when it comes time the race the next morning...:). After many laughs and "that's what she said" was off to bed as we new a 5am wake-up call would come awfully early.
Race morning we all tried to put on our happy camper face trying to wake up! Staci, Jess, Beth and I were downstairs in the kitchen first, shoveling in some oatmeal...bagel in Beth's case. The littlest things were making us laugh...the spewing refrigerator water dispenser, paste-like oatmeal, and my proper oat preparation. By 5:45am we were walking down to the buses. We were presented with the best race weather ever...overcast and cool! Since they drop you off at the start line so dang early (probably 45 min or so)...we did the typical pee when you get off the bus...pee 4 minutes before the gun goes annoying! We posed for some pics with our matching Herizonz/CRC shirts (which received many compliments)...and before we knew it the gun went off. It was so neat starting a race with all of my friends...never have done that before. We laughed watching the people maneuver awkwardly...trip...yell...and chat about their upcoming fears ahead.

Started off the race not knowing what to expect. I still feel hesitant after the big IT injury in January that prevented me from running my first marathon in Austin in since the bod is still not fully healed, the last 2 months of training have been sort of hit or miss. All I knew was that I was just going to start and finish and enjoy the time with those around me. At 6 miles I was feeling pretty good and decided that maybe I'll shoot for as close to 2hrs as I could. Then, at about 4 to go...I realized I could get close to my PR. I will not lie...the last 2 miles hurt. But, the last few blocks I saw my friends on the their hot pink/purple shirts...cheering for me, and I crossed the line at 1:56.

After showering/warming up...we headed back downtown to "The Rio" for some yummy golden margaritas and Mexican food! As we were walking in the restaurant, I think we all were inspired as we cheered for some 5 1/2 hr marathoners that were finishing in the rain. Tummy's full, we headed to find Jess a cowboy hat! She found a cute one...and so did Jane and Beth. We had lots of laughs and funny moments as we shopped! Next, we were off to the hot springs! Man...this is how everyone should finish a day after a race- total relaxation and glory for the body! We were tucked away up in the mountains, surrounded by trees at Strawberry Hot Springs, and wow was it ever gorgeous! After a few hours of soaking we grabbed a tasty bite and hit the hay pretty was a long day and we were rightfully exhausted!

The next morning we set out on our final adventure...a 2.6 mile walk to the coolest breakfast place- "Freshies". After searching and searching for the hidden bike/walk path, we finally arrived and one of the ladies that was working at Freshie said she saw us three times while she was driving within the last hour! All of us thoroughly enjoyed our meal...and soon after it was time to head out of town:(.

I enjoyed myself completely on this trip...couldn't have asked for a better time with these outstanding women. What a gift each of them are. I already hear there is talk about making this an annual event!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Steamboat Springs was an absolute blast this past weekend! I couldn't have asked for a better time...better friends. A more in-depth weekend/race report when I have the mental energy and pictures consolidated! I go to sleep tonight with a sore bod and a new personal best 1/2 marathon time!

Friday, June 5, 2009

this weekend...

Off to Steamboat Springs tomorrow for the 1/2 marathon! No PR I know...but many memories with some great friends, definitely.

Pics, funny stories...all to come:).

Wait, laundry and finishing packing first...

Monday, June 1, 2009

a birthday week!...

10,000 words could not begin to express the total love I was embraced with the past couple weeks. Help and affection seemed to come in all directions whether it was assisting in the move, rolling the paint brush, confirming scary shopping decisions, bike fixing, and birthday hugs & gifts:). Having a village of people who take care and look out for me is such an unbelievable gift. This week was unforgettable and a perfect start to my 25th year.