Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This sickness is hopefully leaving me soon...i've had about enough. At home you will find our beige trash can, filled with crumpled kleenex, following me where ever I go. I couldn't taste, smell, or hear anything fun I say! 2 weeks before the Steamboat 1/2...perfect timing! 

Maili and I have been enjoying coffee on the porch the last few mornings...what a joy! It's been beautiful...but, relaxing in this way makes us not want to get ready and go to work.  "Work is SOOOOOOOO overrated" is our saying every morning.  Today we were cracking up saying "Kevin, you're such a disease!" all remember...At the beginning of Home Alone when Buz eats all the cheese pizza...Kevin spills the milk and the whole family glares at him. hahahah...we were dying! 

Off to take my Nyquil and Simply Sleep risk in getting enough sleep when i feel like crapola! 

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