Sunday, September 26, 2010


Love baby Brooklyn:)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


After the passing of almost one whole year, I finally did it. I printed a crap load of pictures out to frame, re-do my outdated collage cork boards, and complete my week in the life book. Yes! I can't wait to get started. More updates on these projects later:).

Speaking of photos. For some reason photography has slipped back into my life radar. A couple people have asked me to take some shots for them and I've absolutely loved it. My editing skills will be slow as I've forgotten much of the new things I learned in my Photoshop class, but I can always go back to my trusty book...that thing is awesome and does a great job stepping you through things. A sneak peak of some of the projects I'll be working on...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A list-worthy life.

New store.
New employees.
Printing pictures, finally.
Sad Madster is leaving.

A few things defining my days lately...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Place yourself in the present.

My heart rate has finally returned to normal...I think. For an entire week, I knew I'd be teaching a full C1 yoga class on Sunday at 7:30pm.  Out of our group of four "extenders", I was the last one to go. All week I've been living in my head thinking about how I needed to be, what I just could not forget, how my music would all line up, and please lord just don't let me leave out anything super important. By 7pm last night my nerves had reached their limit, and as more and more people began to pour in, I just wanted to start and be in it. From the moment I faced the class, we all shared a deep breath, and I began to share the intention of "placing yourself in the present"... I honestly just couldn't believe this was happening; I was teaching yoga.

I absolutely was not expecting a class of 20. Tiff did an amazing job recruiting people she new to come support- about half of the class were people she new. I had my corner of peeps there to give me familiar smiles, love and encouraging vibes:). Thank you, thank you!! The music was definitely my foundation for keeping me smiling and keeping me present within the hour.  However, thanks to an inside joke between Ms. Crowe and I and my Michael Jackson song, when it came on, I laughed and suddenly forgot what side we were on in the flow. I looked up at that moment and saw one of the girls in my group with her left leg up... phew... ok, back on track.

When it was time for the final savasana, and I was loving on my people with some of my favorite music in the background, I took a deep breath full of love and gratitude.  I know I missed some things, stumbled on my words, and could have paid closer attention to student's alignment; all things I will challenge myself with in the coming weeks. What an amazing experience though. My first real class... so awesome.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

[no subject].

It's 6:08am on a Sunday morning. And yes, I'm writing. As usual, not feeling like I have very much blog-worthy things going on right now. Well...maybe it's the fact that I haven't pulled out the camera very much recently so there aren't any visuals to go with the words. CPY Extensions program is wrapping up it's 4th week today...two more left! Recently, I've been all about the music- such a cool part of teaching yoga... for me at least. Weds, Sept 15th, the four of us "extenders" will be teaching a donations-based class as sort of our final hurah! It will be at 6:15p at the Garden of the Gods please come if you're in town! We've hired 8 new people at the store over the past few weeks in preparation for store #2 up in Northern Colorado Springs and some staff making a departure. Lot's of change going on at CRC these days... exciting change.

It was a very PrAna Christmas for me this week... yay, new clothes! I'm ready for some cooler temps!

Off to the Sunday run with the girls and then some Yin Yoga with Ms. Crowe.