Sunday, May 18, 2008


...The Incline ate me for joke. And in oh, so many ways.

After a great GNO at Dana's last night, Maili and I enjoyed a bit of sleeping in! After a glorious cup of coffee on the porch, while admiring the stillness of Sunday morning glory, Romi and I were off to meet Meg. We had to park way the heck down at the bottom of the hill...past the cog, iron springs chateau, ....yes, all the way down there. It was hot and crowded...oh and my throat was burning from the get-go. Trouble from the start, but we continued on! Hot and sweaty, dehydrated, and a little annoyed at all the people...we finally made it to the top! :)A couple swigs, sport beans and a breather later...we were off to the bottom.  So...about 1/2 way down Barr Trail, my mind/focus took a little cat nap and before I knew it, I was sliding down the trail on my side with my right arm extended above my head. Perfect. Lying there on the trail, my first thoughts my new tank top ripped and did I break my ipod shuffle. Wait, where is my ipod clip? Oh, there it is...5 feet down the trail. Oh look, i'm bleeding...i wonder where from? This guy was standing right next to where I fell with his back turned to me admiring the scenery, until i ruined it and made a huge commotion. I looked up from my lying down position and he turned to me and said, "wow, that was rough, are you ok?". I had just passed this couple on the trail and didn't want them to think "that girl's going to fall, she's going to fast...oh look, she did fall", i picked up my clip, took the still-lodged ear buds out of my ears and continued jogging down the trail.  Seriously...i just started laughing outloud at myself. I couldn't believe it...entering my 3rd Summer doing the incline and running down Barr...and I finally bit the dust.  My voice is further gone than this neck is definitely sunburned...and my wounds for-shiz stung in the shower. This is why the incline ate me for lunch.  Thank you Meg and Maili for sticking it to the beast with me today! :) I love you guys!:) 

Happy Birthday Staci! I just love you to pieces and thank you for the time...the laughs...the understanding. 

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