Wednesday, March 31, 2010


If you were a fan (or in shock) of Food Inc, check out this blog A Month Without Monsanto...pretty interesting. I'm not quite through the entire month, but I'm getting there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving forward...

Getting out the camera the past two days has definitely lifted my spirits:)...and also the quality time with some special ones. Madster- I'm glad you are back! The new POS system at the store is actually doing ok, after a rough start yesterday, and is feeling more and more comfortable. It was so warm today, so Mom and I took a walk downtown for a bit of shopping a food. We stopped in a friend of mine's store, Idoru and picked up some Tom's Shoes...something I've been eyeballing for a while now. Next we ate at my current favorite spot Poor Richards/Ricos...such great, fresh, healthy food there...and it's right down the street from the store. Let's see...why else do I love this place?... An awesome wine selection (at a great price), homemade hummus (that I love), fresh salads with all sorts of veggies to choose from, warm pita bread, spiked hot sweet drinks (chocolate/coffee)- dangerous, and live music Thursday nights!

Today was a break from exercise- completely. No yoga, no running, no bike. I honestly can't remember the last day that I did nothing and just let my body rest. John always says, "your body only gets stronger when it's resting/recovering". Today I remembered that and was ok with it. I am sitting on the couch right now, looking at my foam roller, thinking that I need to rekindle that relationship, at least for a commercial break.

A few shots from the past two days...

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I haven't felt the desire the write the last few days. I have no new photos to share as I haven't gotten my camera out in a while... and that, everyone, is very depressing. The creative drive is building and the first photoshop class (this coming Thursday) comes at no better time.

Everything is feeling out of whack for me right now. I'm still processing the who/what/where/when/whys of the reason, but I just can't put it into words, so I'm not. Is my life feeling out of control, or too in control?

Thank goodness a change of pace is coming...a weekend off, and a trip to Taos. Let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 P's...

No longer a shortage!!! Guess what showed up on the shelves again...I've been checking for months now. Perfect for my smoothies...yum. Yes, obviously I'm excited.'s all about the little things people.
This also showed up in my mailbox today...:) first passport. A reminder that my trips to Mexico (in June) and Greece (in Sept/Oct) are a reality. At a time in the year where it seems change, movement forward, recollection, and planning are in the air, it's nice to feel that I have something to look forward to. Traveling is something I've craved my whole life, and this little booklet proves I'm taking steps in the right direction.

And it came...

Last night and this morning we were hit with major snow! Funny that I ran in shorts and a tank yesterday morning!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"I've got my life in a suitcase, ready to run, run, run away"...

Friday night, Maddy and I ventured up to Denver for the Copeland concert at the Gothic Theater. In the midst of our first Spring blizzard, we knew we'd just have to plug along, slowly, with caution and with major confidence in the front-wheel drive Solera. One hour and 45 min later we made it to our destination. Nicole and Adam had saved us phenomenal seat, front row balcony....thank you! What a great show. Copeland is on their final tour, as they are breaking They were my brother's single most inspiration throughout his musical career from a very young age. It was great to all be together for this amazing performance. Copeland is so amazing...enough said. Maddy and I arrived back in the Springs at 2am (not my prime time...)...and Maddy had to be at the airport at 6am, me, I had to be at the store (for a run and then work) at 7:30am, so obviously this made for a short night for us both. We both laughed the next day expressing that we felt high or drunk most of the day. I was pretty delirious and made for a laughing idiot at work. Totally worth it though. Some pics from the eve...

My back has been very upset with me the past few months...and especially since the race last Sunday. Not sure if the back is causing the butt issue, or the glute is causing the back issue...who knows? Anyways..I was not up for a steep trail run today, so I just ran long on my own from my house. The rest of the clan had quite the adventure (3 hours, lost, following people...) this morning on their run. Jill and I met up with them afterward for a lovely brunch (a tasty mexian egg dish!) up at Dani's house. Can't wait for more of these at her house this Summer! :)

Yoga + a wonderful dinner with Ms. Sarah this eve. She is so awesome and we had lots of laughs. A great end to my Sunday.

Lots of stuff of the to-do list tomorrow. It's supposed to be beautiful out, so we'll see what adventures of my own I can create!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sugar high...or low.

After not consuming much sugar the past 3 months...maybe a frozen margarita, 2 cookies, a glass of wine, and dark chocolate all in one day was a little much. Yes, I believe it was. Oh well...I am sugared out and today is a new day. Ready for my now normal food routine.

My second attempt at running since the Boulder 1/2 last Sunday. Weds night did not go so well...felt as though I was trucking through sand! This is the first race I have seriously felt some fatigue in the legs/bod. We'll see how it goes! More to report later.

Maddy and I are headed up to Denver this eve to join my brother for the Copeland concert at the Gothic Theater. It's their last show ever and we are all quite sad:(.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boulder 1/2...

What a fun weekend in Boulder! Madster and I headed out of town after work, and made it up there to find two of our friends relaxing in G10. After spending a few minutes watching Jennifer Lopez's stressful movie ('Enough' I think it's called???...), the four of us headed out in hopes of finding some good sushi for dinner. Sushi is my fav pre-race/pre-long run meal, and I was out to prove that it could be the same for them. They were willing to give it a try, and I was a happy girl. We settled on this place Sushi Z....???? located on Spruce and 13th street. When we walked in a number of employees yelled "SUSHI!!!" It was such a fun atmosphere and we were lucky enough to get a private table/room where we got to witness all of the action around us, and sit on pillows on the floor. Staci and Dani opted for the "safest sushi" possible and Staci ordered a fork along with our order. Our waiter went on to tell us (Staci really because she was the only one not using chop sticks) that it is perfectly ok in the Asian culture to use your hands to eat sushi:). Tehe. We had fun with the camera in our little room...

After sushi, Jill and Christy let us know they just sat down at an Italian restaurant around the corner. So, we joined them for a glass of wine in the back of the restaurant at the bar. A perfect way to end the evening!
Back at the hotel we painted toe nails, laid out (numerous- thanks to the differing weather reports) race clothes, got breakfast food out, laughed (a lot), and tried to wind down for a good rest minus one hour (thank you daylight savings). A disappointing showing by Staci...she didn't utter a single word in her sleep- booo... we were all expecting a show, very typical for our race sleepovers.

Alarm went off and we slowly opened the eyes. To our surprise the weather was rain/wind/snow yet- yay! We were out the door by 7:45am and on our way to the reservoir. After spending some time in the car, staying warm, 8:50 rolled around and we trotted to the port-O line! 10 minutes later the race start countdown began, and we were off!! My goals were to get a negative split, and beat my prior PR from Steamboat last June (1:56). So I held back from totally killing myself the first half of the race and that allowed me to steadily push a bit harder the second half without feeling horrible. I had my eye out, looking for the Madster on the opposing side of the road, knowing she'd be hitting the turnaround point soon enough as well. At this point I was realizing that I do much better mentally with an out and back course...I know what's ahead, we had the wind at our backs, I don't know, for some reason it just seemed like we had shorter to go the whole way back.

Christy, Dani and I were all pretty close together the whole way...and I think we were all very pleased when the mile 11 sign showed up and we knew there were just 2 short miles left. Well..what wasn't pleasant was the uphill around the corner and the last uphill jaunt right before the finish line. At this point in the race, my goals changed...I knew I would negative split, but could I get under 1:50?? Yes...I can, so this is where the killing myself the last part started. And I succeeded... a 1:48:xx finish! I was absolutely thrilled. But that feeling was short-lived thanks to extremely tight hammies and calves...and crap, I have to go to the car and get my camera so I can catch Maddy finishing! Christy and I fast-walked to the car, grabbed a water and the camera and headed back to the finish line and found Chelsea and Jill. Now it was really getting cold, and we were still sweaty with the body cooling down...burrrr!! Seeing Maddy finish was so awesome...she looked great! We all were super proud of her- a 2:20 finish...and her first race completed!

Dani finished 3rd in her age group- nice job woman!- so we headed back to the car, changed clothes then went back out there for the awards ceremony. We gave her a big cheer when they called her name and the guy commented that it sounded like she brought her fan club with her:)

We headed out of the Boulder reservoir just in time for the rain to start- thanks for holding out for us! We headed to an amazing place for lunch and all had a wonderful meal. It was so crappy out (rain and snow), so Maddy and I decided to head back to the Springs. It was a good thing that we did because the visibility in Denver/Castle Rock was horrendous. Once we got to Maddy's, her and I sat in front of the fire and got a little stretching in...ow...ow...ow.

Overall, this weekend was such a blast. It was great to watch Maddy participate in her first race and we were all so incredibly proud of her. As usual, we shared many laughs and new inside jokes were created:). It was so wonderful to have Jill and Chelsea there...thanks you guys for your unconditional support and cheer!

Friday, March 12, 2010


So, two nights before the race (Boulder Spring 1/2)! Getting all the necessities ready as tomorrow we depart right after the Madster and I get off work! excited! Staci, Dani, Christy, Maddy and I are all participating (with Chels and Jill cheering us on!). We all are going into this with different expectations...meaning they are changing every day for each of us. Injuries, winter weather, injuries, snow:) ...have made this training a roller coaster ride. My goal is to better than my last race...Steamboat 1/2 (June '09) which is my PR 1:54:xx. So..after almost another year of running under my belt, and a few solid months of speed work once per week, I am feeling that this is definitely attainable. But, as many of you know...race day, anything is possible...and not always all good.

Just finished getting together Sunday morning breakfast...oats with a baggie of toppings: sliced almonds, carob chips, and granola. In preparation for the many changings of typical Colorado weather, I have about 3 different outfit possibilities lined up for packing. I think I am going to sport my "Will run for margaritas" shirt (CRC logo in big on the back of course) with Sugoi capris. That is the plan as of now that is:).

I am so excited for cousin Madster...this is her first race (yes, a 1/2 marathon...why do a 5k first...go big or go home) and I know she will do awesome! Pictures and hilarious race stories to get ready.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yummy eats I thought I'd share. If I could find the time to blog like my awesome foodie friends, I totally would...but I guess i'll have to be ok with being a poser now and then.

My awesome yam smoothie this am...

hemp protein
unsweetened vanilla almond milk
guar & xanthan gum
almond butter
greek yogurt
HEAB's maple nut oaties spinkled on top

Then we have my lunch...tortilla with hummus, zucchini/onion/tofu stir fry and avocado!

Long to bed!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carried away...

After a little photo shoot in Old Colorado City...

I am all over the place; emotionally and physically. Pretty easy to narrow in on the physical aspects...thank you glute and back. As far as the heart and mind are concerned, that's another thing. A friend of mine mentioned the word 'therapeutic' today and ever since then, it's meaning and place in my life has been resting in my mind.

I feel as though I do many things on a regular basis that are therapeutic...reading, laughing, yoga, running, listening to music, creating food, capturing beauty through the eyes of a lens, deep thought, giving love, witnessing human feeling.

I'm sure if I wrote out a list, it would easily continue on and on. I spend my days searching for the next thing that will give me the feeling one of the listed things above provide: that brief happy thought, a sign of relief, acceptance of myself or others, knowing I am truly loved, seeing my creativity, laughter like I could never stop...

All of this may be stemming from not feeling like I know myself very well these days. As I fall asleep every night I lie there confused about happiness, love, truth, and pretend. My goal is to be open to every day. I want to be completely open to who or what will teach me.

Sorry for the depth...just feeling the need to vent and put words together on paper (or screen realistically).

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What day is it?

This week has been busy. Flew by, yet drug this possible? Let's just focus on today. An entertaining morning thanks to CRC's First Saturday. Group run, sales, vendors, breakfast...and we're off to the races! No, Bud was not consumed...John put it out as a joke. "Muffin top", he called this one. "A balanced breakfast", another person said.

Next it was off with Mother to visit Adam for his birthday! We ate at the tasty Rock Bottom Brewery on 16th Street in Denver. I can't believe I didn't get a pic of the birthday boy! Oh well, he'll be coming down on Thursday, so i'll have another chance then:). I did however, snag some shots in the back alley behind his house. The jeep is his snazzy ride.