Tuesday, December 30, 2008

keaveny fun...

Some pics from the Keaveny Christmas gathering:)...

This first one cracks me up...

Oh Brother...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas photos...

As my mom says..." Look Adam gets a Ho in a bag!".

Ken is pointing out the amazing features to my mom's new, extra pink robe!

Auntie Jeanne brings out the fine china...aka Subway napkins.

Adam and I receive liquor in our stockings...a first.

My beautiful cousins...


Today was a very productive day for me...got to accomplish lots on my list.
1. sleep in!!...yes! Arose at 9am...a true gift!

2. use gift cards that I got for Christmas & take advantage of post-Christmas sales- yes! Old Navy, Apple store, Express, Target.

3. get a run in somehow. When I left the house this morning around 11am, I packed a bag with 2 outfits- outside running and inside mill running...not sure which one i would need when the time came. I managed to get to the gym and log 4 miles. Wanted to do 6, but the IT thought otherwise- thanks to not stretching in the garden yesterday, due to intense, rock-in-the-eye winds.

4. get groceries...well, at least enough to get by that is. Sweaters, and an external hard drive for the mac outweighed the finance dept today.

5. finally relax at home. Open and figure out new toys purchased today. My new bluetooth finally works with my iphone! Geez...it's about time!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

blog it...

Ok...so workouts to mark in the log...:

12/20- Garden- 3.31 mi

12/21- El Pomar south- 17.81 mi (longest yet)/2 hr 57 min/9:59 pace (Beth and i loved the new scenery!)

12/23-MVP- 3.47mi/31:45/ 9:07pace

12/24- CRC to Bear Creek with Beth and Rich-6.5mi

12/25- Garden trails by myself, in the wind, surrounded by people- 4.07mi/ 40.52/ 10:01 pace

Overall, the past week has felt pretty good. Thanks to more rolling and stretching, the IT is still painful, but less than it's been. Because 2 sundays ago was a blizzard, i technically had two long runs this week...15mi on Tues, 18 mi on Sunday. Today's Christmas run in the Garden was nice- in shorts!! But, it was really windy and crowded there at the end! More to come later...speaking of rolling...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

our friend Sherwood...we love him...

This is our friend Sherwood...He is a very special dog...a k9 companion. He is soft and cozy & we love him!

Friday, December 19, 2008

log it...

Runs for the week so far...
Haven't felt all that bad...that is when I am on top of the foam rolling. IT's still having a mind of their own and rebel when I need them to cooperate the most! Boo. Since Sunday was so f-ing cold, had to move long run to tuesday... This Sunday's 18miler should be nice- geez.

Sunday 12/14- 7.2mi/9:41 pace- on the stinking treadmill:)
Tues 12/16- 14.57mi/10:12pace- CRC to Mesa Rd to Flying W sign
Thurs 12/18- 5.79mi/9:40pace- Garden/Mesa Rd, with my friend the Q
Friday 12/19- 3.38mi/9:31pace- with the CRC special, friday crowd. Wooglins muffin followed.

Another long run consisting of a distance longer than i've ever gone before...11 degrees (the high for sunday) should help the quest.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

fun stuff...

Just some fun pics to post....

Thanksgiving with the fam...CRC Holiday party...

Good fun all around.

Oh yeah...here's what's taken place running wise over the last few days...nothing exciting. However, I've been foam rolling like a maniac the last few days and I truly think it's starting to loosen up the IT's a bit...crossing the fingers! Two treadmill workouts this week really kicked my butt...I decided to stop mentally battling the stupid windy/cold/crap outside and just suck it up and mill-it-up!

Weds 12/10- 5mi/49:40/9:30 pace (mill)
Thurs 12/11- 6 mi/60 min/10 min pace (mill)
Fri 12/12- 3.83 mi/37:12min/ 9:41 pace (MVP loop)

Tomorrow is a 15 miler...most likely in the snow...grand.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


non -running log update this eve. No motivation to put together thoughts about my exciting treadmill (or "mill" as john calls it) workout this am.

Today is Beth's bday, so here are some shots form the CRC celebration after the social run. Her hubby arranged for a sweet cake to be made for her special day.

Then beth nocked over the chips and pretzels while we were closing up shop..."oh shit" is what I heard from the back room as I saw an empty plastic bowl rolling out on it's side.

Speaking of "oh shit"...on the top picture john is saying "say shit!"...that's why beth and I are laughing so hard.

I'm looking forward to the CRC Holiday party tomorrow night...should be a fun time! Can't wait to see what crazy things these runners end up doing. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

let it snow...

Since JT called me out saying "this blog sucks"...I guess I better get on it with the posting. But, not because of you JT...you were the one getting called out regarding your blog last night at the CRC ! ha!

I guess I haven't really been blogging much about the running because, thanks to my crappy body, every run has been painful and not worth remembering. I swear, one sore spot leads to the next due to the over-compensating for the current pain. Arg. Oh well, not here to complain, and it doesn't help fix the problems...however stretching and foam rolling more does...hopefully!

So, here's the current log...

Nov 28-4 mi- around neighborhood in snow
Nov 29- 4.64mi- MVP from CRC
Nov 30- 8.71mi- Memorial park in manitou, around outer loop, back to pikes peak, back to park....super cold, super snowy!
Dec 1 & 2- off, due to sore rt hip, IT and butt-rrrr.
Dec 3- 4 mi
Dec 4- 5.51mi- Manitou baseball fields-garden-up through middle trails- back down to fields. ...major snow in the face- but so pretty out!

Officially 10 weeks out from Austin this coming weekend...wow, seems pretty close...but in the trenches of training and all the aches and pains- it seems so far away.