Monday, November 30, 2009

Jill's Bday...

Such a fun day with Jill...the birthday girl! Lunch at Shuga's , an amazing place...and a bit o' shopping. In the eve, a bunch of friends got together to celebrate at our favorite local brewery, Trinity. Again, frustrated with the camera...still need practice in lots of various lighting in order to use the manual setting minus the frustrations (thanks for the help Ryan:))...but a few shots to put you in the moment. Happy Birthday Jill!


Trinity...or Trinzo as we call it...:)

Ryan's beautiful/tasty cake he made for Jill...Ice cream cake none the less...

I am in love with this pic...capturing so much.

Up to no usual.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving craziness/Sunday run...

Sunday's run started at Memorial Park as it was the first Incline Club run of the season. Our Sunday group wasn't sure what we felt like doing, so we just met there and a few of us decided last minute to head into the Garden of the Gods (instead of the Ute Pass/Waldo loop). The weather was perfect and although my legs were sore from the incline the day before, it was a fabulous run!

Jill joined us for breakfast and we've all been wanting to try this new creperie in Manitou Springs for a while...and wow, it was absolutely fantastic! They had savory crepes, sweet crepes and coffee served in pint glasses- very cool. And the best part, all of the crepes are gluten-free! I can't wait to go back and try a few more. Dani and I split the Veggie Crepe (hummus, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, sliced almonds) and the Blitz with pumpkin butter and ricotta. So so yummy! The pictures don't do them justice as I'm still trying to figure out the manual setting indoors (and out as well) with my camera:). It will get there.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day with family and friends. Good food, big laughs, uncomfortable bellies...priceless memories.

My pretty champagne cooler...

Hanging out from Aunt Jeanne's cabin...she is amazing:).

Baby Kira loves Thanksgiving food too...lots of it!

Monday, November 23, 2009


No pics from the long run yesterday:(. Oh still was fabulous. A group of us (Jane, Jess, Maddy, Staci, Micky, and I) headed up to Greenland openspace for an 8.4 mile lollipop loop. A gorgeous place where you feel out in the middle of no where...rolling hills, train tracks, views for miles. Greenland is a usually muddy/windy mess, but on this day, it was pleasant and very much a joy.

Afterward, we headed to our once-upon-a-time weekly breakfast stop, The Egg & I. A tasty warm meal and great conversation ended our Sunday morning outing with a smile on everyone's faces. Props to Maddy for her tackling her first Greenland loop...keep it up studly.

Last night CPY put on a free Carnival Event. It was an absolute blast! They combined all of the classes they offer (hot, hot fusion, power, sculpt, bootcamp) into one 75 min class. The room was packed to the brim...probably close to 60 people, and we were lucky enough to have the hands of about 10 adjusters! Lots of different kinds of music, different styles, different teachers. So much fun.

After an amazing massage, I am now loving the smells of my tasty tofu baking in the oven...I must go enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new, tasty, and fun...

James showed up with this card for me...what a crack up. On the inside it had a big whale on in and the pink and green characters yelled "get Whale soon...get it...get whallle soon...". Hilarious. If you are wondering why he scratched out 'sick' and wrote what he did...yes, I did in fact cut the &%#! out of my thumb Monday night with a brand new knife I bought that day. No fun I say.

I had the best oat bran concoction yesterday morning after my beautiful hour run in the still-snowy Garden. Mixed in was pumpkin, carob chips and chopped almonds...yummers! After the picture I added some kefir to the doesn't look as purty with the liquidy white stuff over the top:). This kept me so full for hours!

After my nock off Magic Bullet bit the dust (it was literally smoking, shooting black stuff everywhere- not a pretty scene folks) Monday morning, I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond looking to get the real Magic Bullet, but instead ran across this little puppy. I've wanted a food processor for a long time and told myself that I'd treat myself to one if I continued my attempts to cooking/baking new things post CPY NUT program. And it comes with a blender too! What a deal! I'm so excited to use it...first up Chocolate Covered Katie's Fudge Babies I suspect.

Off to a run before work! Happy day to all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

winter wonderland...

An amazing trail run in the Garden of the Gods with the girls this morning. I think we all were feeling twelve again as we slipped and slid in the puffy white stuff, laughter and giggles the entire time. No falls surprisingly enough! :) A few pics to tell the story...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Last night's 'Beauty Mark Night' was absolutely amazing. It was so inspirational, though-provoking, and moving for me, and I believe, everyone who attended. If you haven't heard of Diane Isreal's movie 'Beauty Mark', you must check it out. Diane and our SkirtSports rep, Maggi traveled down from Boulder to show the movie and speak to 70+ women that are affiliated with the store in some way or another. I think the film spoke to each and every person in a slightly different way...and it really touched my heart as I looked around at everyone's eyes as they watched. Hearing Diane speak was so incredibly motivating...and I could instantly feel my shoulders drop, releasing the pressures.

Thanks to my friends and family who helped pull this event together. I couldn't have done it without your support and presence. I am sad that I didn't take any photos...just couldn't make it happen:(.

After a wonderful night, we all were back at the store less than 12 hours later for our Sunday group long run. I took some photos of everyone, just before heading can see it took a little bit to get the photo opp ready:).

A very tough, but wonderful route this morning. Started at the store headed north on the trail, headed up the Sinton Trail for a lovely 3 mile uphill, a left at 30th street up to the Mesa Overlook, down through Beetleman (sp?), and back to the store. A windy, but gorgeous 11.5 miles. Haven't gone that long in a while...and my legs are letting me know already today:). Love being with the thankful they are in my life.

The pic below is of my awesome LuLuLemon poster I have on my fridge. It has very inspirational statements on it, and after last night I am vowing to take a good long look at it everyday, with the intent of taking from it whatever I need to hear for the day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A few Halloween funnies...great costumes this year!

My handsome brother
My punk rock mother