Monday, May 26, 2008

yeah for today...

Today was great...had a relaxing to sleep in! Then had a great time vedging and visiting at mom and ken's bbq:). I love spending time with people, not always "doing"...but just enjoying the company and time spent. My mom made me the 20 minute fudge marshmallow cake from heaven...the mallow was oozing through the had taken a life of it's own.  Ooh...was it tasty! Thanks mother! Hugs to all. 

Oh yeah...the 42nd Annual Holiday John Wayne Memorial Beer Pong Tournament was really fun. Can't wait for the 43rd.  Meg- your dance moves amaze me. We are learning Thriller like pronto! Dana- we were oh so close to winning that game...i think Joe and Joey cheated somehow.  Booo. Maybe their bows were over the line? 

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