Friday, May 9, 2008

tgif...well, not really

Even though today is's not friday for me...booo.  I have a long day at work tomorrow! Oh hopefully will fly by, and should be fun because we are having a Herizons event at the store with fun and yummy food. 

Sunday, for Mother's Day, Mom, Auntie Jeanne, Gma, Maddy, Erinn and I are getting together for our own homemade brunch! I am bringing Mimosas...which I will be drinking a lot of I believe. :) More on this later:).

Today's run was a toughie! ...for many reasons.  First of all it's Friday and after a full week of work, any sort of effort in the brain or bodily functioning category will almost always be a waste of time! Staci and I somehow pushed out a 52 min foundation run with some hills on the Mesa (Rd.) overlook (near the garden of the gods).  It sure was pretty out, but our legs and minds sure weren't havin it! :) We got through it though! Tomorrow is a slow 40 min recovery run (followed by a yummy Wooglins muffin!)...then, Sunday am...have a 2hr 15min duzie! to bed...need as much rest as possible to help me get through tomorrow! :)

Hugs to all! 

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