Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a true weekend...

was absolutely wonderful! It was full of adventure, rest, organization, and spontaneity!

On Sunday, Chelsea and I set out for quite the biking conquest...full of obstacles! New tires, a stuck chain, 26th street hill, and screaming IT bands made this quite the memory! Lunch with Mom and the Grandparents followed...then a chick flick alone in the cottage while listening to the rain ended the day:).

Monday am started off with probably one of the most memorable runs I've ever had. Dani, Christy, Staci and I set off from Green Mtn Falls and hiked up Mt Esther...then caught the Ring the Peak Trail...and found ourselves in a rain storm at the Catamount Reservoir...then hiked back down to Green Mtn Falls to Danster's house. Staci and I were totally cracking up as we found ourselves soaking wet, having to climb over wet logs, rocks and mud! This was such an amazing, challenging route where I felt so secluded- it was great! Everyone was a tad breathy...but then we realized that we were actually at about 9800 feet in altitude! Dani fixed us pizza's on grill and spinach salad...so yummy! :) Thanks friend. Pics of this will be posted soon:).

Later in the day I got hooked up with cable and internet- yay! No more silence in the cottage! The fam came over in the eve for some Nuggets action...a perfect way to end the weekend!

Today I went to the first yoga class i've been to in a month!! I know, I know...that's just what happens when you move, have to paint, set up crap, work, train for the upcoming 1/2 marathon...ya ya...i can come up with more excuses if you want?? Bottom line, I am definitely out of yoga shape and sore/tight all over...but that will soon change as there will be no more non-yoga stints.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

for Heather...and a coffee table...

Heather...the above pic is just for you...my first food picture post! It's my protein crepes with peanut butter (Naturally More- yummo) and vanilla yogurt in between and on top! Ha...love it! Thank you for continually motivating me to step beyond the healthy eating bounds...you are great! :)
"You need to get a life"- Dani. Quote of the eve. Hahaha. This is the reality of my life at this moment in time...marg glasses and chocolate wrappers on my temporary coffee table...a plastic bin with lid:).
Dani found it so entertaining that she had to document the occasion.

Better pics of the cottage to come...it is indeed coming along:).

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A fabulous time with the girls at Amanda's Fonda for Staci's bday on Friday night. Many laughs, way-to-yummy margs, tasty food...:). Funzo.
Our waiter put the extra large sombrero on the Queen and lit a candle in her bday rum cake. We all sang to her out on the porch...I love seeing this woman in distress and unaware of what is happening...always makes me chuckle.

Jill Bradstein can't decide what to order..."Photo?"
How purty...

This man in the bushes seemed to be grabbing our attention all night...

How lucky am I to have all of these women in my life...to have them as friends. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

John pointed it out...

I meant "Painting Sucks"...

paining sucks...

Painting really does suck...but it's fun for about the first 10 minutes...then, after that...not so much. Maddy and I whipped out some paintin' yesterday for a solid few hours. Then Adam came over and tackled some additional coats of white over the stunning pepto pink in the bathroom. Things are already looking tons better, but I just want it to be done already so I can put stuff where I want and move on with the decorating...but soon enough I know!

Monday, May 11, 2009


A neat wine Jill & I tried the othere night... However it did not taste like a cupcake...


Oh wow, what a day…what a weekend! I am finally into my new place on the west side…right down the street from our old house I lived in about 10 years ago…and it already feels like home. This weekend was filled with so much emotion for me I don’t even know where to begin…

We’ll start with Saturday. You know when people in your life just show up for you when you need it the most, and you suddenly feel overwhelmingly grateful?...well, that’s exactly what my friends and loved ones did for me with this move into the cottage. Mike, Dani, Micky, Jill, Staci, Christy, and Adam all loaded and unloaded all my stuff from Mom & Ken’s house to the new place in less than two hours! Dinner and drinks followed in Old Colorado City. What a successful day!

Saturday night, I slept like absolute poostick. Too much on the brain, too incredibly tired to sleep soundly. But, at 6am I woke up a bit shocked realizing much of the hard work had been taken care of the day before…again thanks to amazing people in my life. I started this Mother’s Day with a run with Dani… and even though she is more of a friend, she is someone who has at one time or another, definitely filled a motherly role in my life. The run was a toughie due to a number of hills, but the weather was perfect for running…and I was just glad to be with her on this morning.

For lunch, Adam and I took Mom to Amandas Fonda…yum! I won’t revel how many times I was there this week…it may make me sound like an alcoholic, a margarita addict, or something of the sorts. Anyhow, we had a great meal outside under the heat lamps…with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as our centerpiece- good job Adam. Thanks to my growing anxiety over the course of the day thinking about all that I had to do to get a bit more settled in at the house, Adam and Mom agreed to lend me a helping hand with whatever I needed. Again, I was so grateful to have them there to help me make decisions, and make the numerous tasks not seem so grand. We headed off to Walmart to get a few essentials to help get me through the workweek…never a fun place to be on a Sunday, but we seemed to make it out of there in reasonable time with our sanity in tact. As soon as we got back to the cottage, Mom immediately went into project mode…kitchen, bathroom, bed set up…she was such a huge help. I told her I was sorry for making her spend mother’s day working her butt off…and she replied with “I wouldn’t want to spend this day any other way…I love doing this for you.” Again, I am so amazingly blessed.

I was surprised for the up-teenth time this afternoon when Jill showed up to help…and with a lamp in hand! Due to the wood floors, ceilings and walls…the living room is pretty dark…in other words, I was desperate for some light and Jill provided exactly that- thanks dear! She helped me put together a list of things I really needed, how much I can spend on them, and where I should look…this I know will totally aid in my decision making process on the important items I have yet to purchase.

One last thing that made this weekend a true representation of just how much I am taken care of… I was putting my clothes away in the dresser that Ryan and Christy left me (thank you again by the way) and in the middle of the second drawer, right smack in the middle, there it was- yep, a dime. Are you serious? Thanks Dad, yes I know you too were here this whole weekend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that helped me this weekend…you have no idea what a true blessing it was.

I am sad I didn't take more pics...but here is Jill and Christy getting a feel for the couch/lamp/living room situation:).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ahhh! I got a pre-bday gift from Danster and am so excited! A new helmet! Now I won't get yelled at by both people I do and don't know when riding my mongoose! Leave it to Dani to pick out a cute, stylish dome protector! Love it...thank you friend! Can't wait to use it!

I found a bridesmaid dress for Maili's wedding today! It will be the dress pictured above in a champagne color. July 4th will be so much fun!

Dani and I had a hot run from hell today in the garden. Sore quads and calves, dry mid-day heat, and thinking of yummy food and wine back at the house didn't make for such a motivated run. But we got through it and enjoyed a nice evening as a reward:).

Off to bedzo...incline in the am will come awfully early!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Dangit! I forgot to get a picture of the girls up at Greenland today! Oh well...you'll just have to experience it through my words instead:(.

I was nervous driving up to Greenland today as my legs are still trashed from poor decisions this week. Calves and quads are still sore to the touch...so the thought of running on them didn't seem that appealing. But...it's Sunday...and I have to be outside in the beautiful weather with my friends! Instead of going completely around the 8 mile loop, I just did an out and back on the less-hilly side. It was absolutely gorgeous up there today! Every time I go up to Greenland, I feel like I am running someplace completely different... I love it!

Breakfast at the Egg & I was tasty as always. I am so thankful to have such positive, supportive people in my life. Sundays are the best...wouldn't think of spending them any other way.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Wow...is it really May 1st? Geez...where is this year going?

I have to get a good start on my blogging for the month...

Goal for May: Write about only positive/happy things...funny stories, good perspectives, etc.

I'll start by sharing about the last day in April...
I don't think I could have squeezed one more thing in on this day off...but I laid my head down last night feeling so filled up. I got to see and do all of the things I wanted...and even though I was rushing about, when I was at where ever I was supposed to be at that moment in time, I was truly in the moment. A list of what I got to do...for me, so I can look back on this someday...

-Incline with Monika

-Yoga taught by Monika (this was a spur of the moment decision and she absolutely killed me!)

-Coffee outside at Starbucks with Chelsea :)

-Catch-up session with Christy, seeing the cottage, and a meeting with Dot...my new landlord:)

-Visit with Suzy-what a cute baby bump she has! And she showed me some Photoshop stuff!!

-Trip to Mom and Ken's house to get my tennis racket... and to my surprise I got my baby fix
from thick-thighed Autumn!!:) Love her and couldn't get enough kisses!

-Tennis with Dani at Westmore park... I know I haven't played there since it was with my dad.
What fun! Staci said she could here us yelling from down the street:)

-Dinner with Dani and Staci at Amanda's Fonda...yummies and quality time:).

-Laughs with Amanda about what annoying things we would eliminate from life:
Amanda: laundry and getting ready for bed.
Jillian: unloading the dishwasher and making dinner for myself.

I honestly can't believe I was blessed with this amazing day...
I sit here this morning and although I am cursing my calves and quads...I feel ready to tackle what today brings.