Friday, April 30, 2010

Snow & cold, and tomorrow's May 1st- perfect...

What a day. It started at o'dark thirty as I awoke to prepare and head off to the Friday morning group run. It was gorgeous out...many of us over-dressed. After a few sidewalk down-dogs, we enjoyed a nice sit-down breakfast at Wooglins. Amber brought me special brown rice-flour/applesauce/ strawberry muffins- love her, and her muffs.

After a few hours at the store, it was off to volunteer at the Cougar Classic track meet. Seeing the clouds form over Pikes Peak, we weren't sure what to expect weather-wise. We weren't expecting it to be freezing cold 90% of the time, but with the help of a blizzard stint and blowing can imagine our comfort level over the 6+ hours:) It was fun though...lots of laughs, delirium, and h.s. kids in bright-colored spandex.

After a hot hot shower, I am laying low preparing for yet another long day tomorrow. It begins with arriving at the store at 7am to prepare for First Saturday. I will have some help in the morning (thanks!), and Saucony will be here allowing customers to wear test some Saucony shoes. Should be a good morning. the evening we are hosting a women's only yoga night at my favorite studio with my favorite ladies! The free class starts at 6:30p and will be running focused. Can't wait for some's been a few days since my addiction has been fed. Speaking of fed, maybe I should stop eating peanut butter cookies, standing in the kitchen.

Night folks.

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