Sunday, April 11, 2010

Calling all wing-nuts...

I had a great/interesting first Incline experience of the year with my girls this am. We decided to mix up the Sunday run and do something different. We all hadn't done it in quite a while, so we knew it'd be an adventure. And it was to say the least.
There were all sorts of characters up there today....

Seriously woman? Two dogs without a leash, that weren't listening to you one bit, caused quite a ruckus at the most difficult section, thank you.

Yeah, I bet those Vibrams feel really great going up those steps, and will feel even better on the way down.

Wouldn't smoking up at the top of the incline defeat the purpose of actually doing it? I don't know, just a thought.

Guy- you don't have to let everyone know the result of your poor decision about wearing jeans. I don't need to hear just how bad your chaffing is as you adjust yourself.

Ok, do
ne venting.

Note to self, maybe having a sh%*!-ton of wheat (but sooo worth it- thanks to
Pizzeria Rustica) the night before doing the incline isn't such a good idea...the wheezing could have been better today is all I'm sayin'. Being on the mountain this morning really inspired me for this summer's training...there's something so peaceful about being up there...weirdos or not.


Jess said...

It sure was an interesting day on the mountain, but yes, good. Thanks for motivating me to get back on the incline after a year and a half!

Anonymous said...

Haha so true about the guys and jeans (at least the sagging trend of wearing pants around your knees has gone away!).

Ashley said...

You'd be surprised about the Vibrams! =) They make you run a LOT lighter on your feet, which causes less impact on your body because you're not slamming down as hard. I love them, hehe.