Saturday, May 1, 2010

First something...

Today was quite a day. It began with a 7am arrival to the store to set up for 'First Saturday', a group run/breakfast/sales the first Saturday of every month. It always proves to be a fun time, just lots going on. After work and a fun morning with lots of familiar faces, Maddy and I headed back to pack up our things to head out of our princess-and-the-pea temporary home. Coming down the steps, I captured a fellow bag lady/tourist-looking homeless person. Yes, that is a Polaroid camera around her neck.

After we made sure Tas was done being emo, and ate his dinner, it was off to yoga night. Monika (from CorePower Yoga- they are amazing) gave our all-womens Herizons group a free yoga class, and it was awesome! Thank you thank you, beyond words Monsie, you are indeed the best and an absolute incredible teacher. Thank you too, Jessica, for the adjustments AND to everyone who came!

Tonight, it's back home to a little relax time. I feel as though I've been on a very fast-paced hamster wheel and tomorrow hopefully I can hop off for a brief moment:). A good night's sleep is in store...tomorrow it's the usual Sunday run adventure with the girls. Flat is in store- yes, after my longest running streak (8 days), and a day off of running today- my legs are happy with that news.

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