Wednesday, April 28, 2010


After a good night's rest, I awoke ready for some yogs...sore arms/back and all. Sarah's class was amazing as usual. After class it was a quick stop at "home" to prepare food for the day and get ready for work.

Is that dessert in the middle of the day?... Why yes it is! Mixed berries, greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, sliced almonds, cinnamon, carob chips, and date pieces. Yumstick.

As a hardcore Blue Dimond Almond milk fan, thanks to their "unsweetened" version of both vanilla and chocolate, I haven't been interested in trying Silk's new PureAlmond milk. The disinterest comes from Silk's sugar content. Not alot for the non-vanilla flavor, but enough in comparison's to Blue Dimond's zero. I tasted some this eve with my tea, thanks to a coupon I received from King's for a free gallon, and it was pretty good...definitely tasted sweeter. I think I'm still a Diamond fan...but if the Silk's on sale, I'll for sure consider getting it again.

Nanight folks. It's late and the incline with some folks is scheduled for the morning:)

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