Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday...original I know.

This morning started with the Incline with a group of friends:)...thank you Amber, Gordon, and Maddy...a great way to start the day! It was a little colder than I thought, especially at the top, but...we suffered through it and soon we were on our way to reward territory; Mate' Factor. Maddy and I call them pot bars (due to their green tint and earthy texture), but their Mate' bars are stinking to die for. Paired with a large lime mate', we were in hog heaven. Soon I was back to shower and get ready for work.

Relaxing with my temporary (hopefully soon to be permanent) roomie for the night. Baking some gluten free peanut butter cookies and also some pumpkin muffins. Ahh yes, some down time.

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