Friday, April 9, 2010

20 Something 20 Everything...

I cracked open this new book about a week ago and am really enjoying it. 20 Something 20 Everything talks about living in an expectation hangover. Within the pages, the overall message and thought provoked by it, are providing a greater feeling of acceptance for myself in this stage of my life. A couple snippets that hit home for me...especially the second.

"We have an obligation to our own happiness, despite the outside obligations
many of us feel to achieve certain things or to be a certain way. We sell ourselves
short if we lead lives propelled by expectations and obligations. And yet we do it
because we fear that if we stray from "the expected," we will face judgment,
disappointment, isolation, or failure. Fear of the unknown keep us from
abandoning the rules and regulations we follow. If we do what's expected
of us, we can predict outcomes. For example, if we go to good colleges and
do well, we will get good jobs. The safety of the expected makes it alluring. But
if we limit our experience of life to what we think we can control or understand
or feel safe with, will we have the lives we want? "

"When what we want is determined by a set of expectations, we are always
trying to check the next accomplishment off the list. Any externally motivated
goals and desires most likely leave us feeling empty once we achieve then.
So why do we do it? Outside standards are often clearer than those coming
from inside, so we chase after externals. As we try to get what we want,
we follow various signs that lead us in all kinds of directions, but we often
feel that something is missing."


candlerun (htabby) said...

That sure hits it...

Just catching up again and I have yet to watch Food Inc, heard lots, just waiting for itunes to have it for rent. lol

Chandra said...

Wow, I think I need to read that book.

Nice blog by the way, I hadn't really read through any of your posts before.