Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tuesday night my mom asked me if there were aspects of college that I missed. "Oh yeah!", I believe was my response. I told her (and Maddy & Erinn too) that I felt free, like everyday was a party, time spent with friends, living in the moment of random when it came to adventures and spontaneity. This photo represents a perfect example of the ordinary nights made fun by quality time spent together. I believe this shot was our "Thanksgiving recreated"...either right before or right after Thanksgiving break with our own families. This is were Kellen's Harvest Loaf was discovered..thanks Kellen, that tasty loaf is now a staple at my family's Thanksgiving every year! In college, it seemed easier to create and enjoy times such as this.

I know if you would have asked me then if I felt free, I would have said is afterall very hard at times, and really teaches you about time management, but... looking back on it now, there are definitely some simplicities of that time that I wish I still had.

I miss...
Late night study sessions on Mesa Ave
Office tennis with Heaps
Pick up in the rec center
Bananas with PB & honey
Farmer's market strolls
Broncos games with homemade indoor stadium seating

Miss you know who you are:).

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brownie said...

You would have enjoyed college a lot more if you would have drank beer!