Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The rest of my day yesterday was spent just how I wanted...unplanned, slow and perfect. I spent some time attempting to create a personal header for my blog via photoshop. As you can see...a new one is not up yet, so still working on a few things. Anything in photoshop, I am realizing, is a slow process. Navigating this program is something else I tell you. New header hopefully up soon.

After an amazing yoga class (thanks Lora:)) with Jill, it was home to get ready for some smorgasbord awesomeness! Sarah and I have a love for anything smorgas. It's getting a little bit of randomness in every perfect bite.

Ours consisted of...
baked corn tortillas (turned into chips), guac, salsa, mango (eaten with a fork, off of the wooden cutting board), salad (w/strawberry, mango, feta, almonds), garlic sauteed asparagus, leftover pizza from Sunday lunch, malbec, Italian Wedding soup + Amy's Garden Veggie soup combined, dark chocolate with crystallized ginger.

We laughed really hard...some smorgas related, some presidential fitness test related. Remember those in P.E.??:)

Sorry for the dark pics..:(

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