Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday fun in the sun...

Sunday am started with a drive just across the hwy to 31st street Red Rocks parking lot. There we gathered for what we knew would be a long, hilly, possibly muddy run. We pretended for a moment that we were done, doing a cool down stretch, when in reality it was just beginning.

We all headed in the same direction and then broke off into small groups. We headed up, up and up...until we hit the Section 16 trail (aka Palmer Trail). Then it was time for some more uphill for Chels, Beth and I...about 20+ more minutes. By the time we hit the top, we were about an hour into the run. Time for some much deserved the back side of Section 16, gorgeous. The lovely downhill too soon turned into more uphill...pavement to make it worse. Seizing back of the legs at this point called for some water and a gel...then it was back up to Sec 16 for a bit more until we were about 3 mile away from the parking lot. Those last few miles back to the car were very nice...much nicer than they were coming up at the beginning! 2 hrs later, we arrived where we started, in one piece, with sore toshies.

Now to the best part...lunch time! Up we went to a beautiful house that sits on a hill in the Garden of the Gods. On the menu: homemade pizzas (using gluten free cornmeal crusts) with basil, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, a tasty salad, and fruit salad with champagne mango. Holy crap was this ever good. We all just sat there, giving sounds of affirmation that we liked what was in our mouths!

Have I mentioned how much I love these wonderful women in my life?... Thank you for spending time with me.

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Jess said...

Yum, those pizza's look good. Sorry I missed the second half of the morning!