Monday, September 29, 2008


Feeling the need to post. Not all sentences assured to be perfect. Just a few thoughts.

Why as adults do we forget the pleasure in playing games? I know my mom and Staci opt out of many games as they "lower my self-esteem". But, every now and then I find myself in a place of such joy in the midst of a game. Today, playing volleyball with a former coach and a former teammate, I found myself in such a happy place. I came home and was watching Jon & Kate Plus 8... and they were playing Hide and Go brought me back to such a fun, youthful time. Made me wonder why we don't play more games? Maybe back to the "if we had more time...question". Hum. Oh yeah, and my non-playing vball forearms are extra bruised this evening.

My Periferitis (Maili's terminology for my periformis/hamstring issues) has been so so...did a light 30 min run today and it felt pretty good. Spent a good 20 min stretching it tonight, so hopefully it's on the up and up! :)

Speaking of running...I'm officially signed up for my 1st marathon! I can't believe it! It will be in Austin, TX (my birthplace! ) on Feb 15th. Scared, but can't wait! :) More to come on this issue...actually lot's more to come on this issue over the next 4 months! :)

Hugs and peaceful sleep to all my loved ones...:)

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brownie said...

Hooray Austin! I've done that one before, but they've changed the course since then. Still, it's a good one for your first crack at the marathon.