Wednesday, September 10, 2008

from boo-stick to yum-stick...

What started out to be a bumster of a day- thanks to the sore sciatic and piriformis, keeping me from doing any running, or incline fun:(-...turned into a relaxing, go-with-the-flow-type of day that I probably needed.

M and I plopped ourselves down on the couch this am with coffee in hand, laptops on laps, and Food Network on in the background for additional entertainment. We were hoping Ina Garden-host of Barefoot Contessa, would be on so we could laugh at her popped collar, imitate her words to hubby Jeffery, and talk about her assumed closet eating rituals. But no luck:(. We would have an Ina run-in later in the day however. :)

Cleaned the room...paid the bills (depressing)...talked to mother...then was off to The Hub with Maili so she could get the Jeep beautified! :) While waiting at The Hub, we enjoyed our Route 44-sized Sonic Diet Cherry Limeades...and asked the young gal working there for the remote to the tv. Sure enough to our surprise- Ina! Barefoot Contessa was on! YEah! We really don't watch the show for food tips or recipes...just to poke fun at, who probably is, one nice lady! We are so mean!

After some scrambled eggs...I found myself on the floor, lying on a tennis ball (on the left cheek), watching...surprise surprise...Elton Brown on Feasting on Waves. Yummy Jamaican grub! Then M and I came to an agreement...I'd make zucchini muffins and cookies if she'd start cleaning her room. Ooh...they were yummy! :)

Now winding down for bed...hopefully tomorrow the injured rear will feel better! Thanks to my dear roomie...thanks for the laughs...the listening ear...for simply the time. :)

Ohh...almost's some visuals from last night:)

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