Tuesday, September 2, 2008

as I was saying...

How much do I love these girls. I was thinking on the drive back about all the fun, hard, life-lesson memories we've all shared...absolutely priceless.

Above is another fav pic of mine from the weekend because it's a visual representation of true joy. These smiles are genuine and come directly from the heart.

Speaking of true joy...the happy couple enjoying their first dance. :)

I just want to thank all my friends for such a memorable weekend...you provided me with a such a gift...my heart was definitely fufilled. :)

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Ry and I said...

jillian, not joann, but jillian, i love you. Your posts are hilarious and inspire me to blog more, i haven't done that yet, hellooooo, procrastinator, but I will. I am laughing hysterically by myself in my office at your posts about our reunion weekend and your life. I just wanted to say I miss you and I wish we would have spent more time together in college, and hope we continue to spend time together in life. on a serious note, i've never seen a pic of your dad, and I saw the one on the sidebar of your blog, and you two look so darn happy, what an adorable girl you are and what a wonderful father I'm sure he was, I'm sorry he's not here with us, but I'm sure he's vividly in your heart, and laughs at you all the time (in a good way of course). god bless you jilly.