Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday couldn't have been a better day off...:). It started with a massage by Tammy, which was absolutely heavenly! Shortly after, I met my grandpa for sushi at Jun's...yummy! Then it was back home for a glorious nap. The evening was the best as I went to the Manitou homecoming football was so much fun! Mom and I first met Amanda, Mike, Sarah, Ben and Lindsey at the Townhouse lodge for a beverage. Then it was to the game where we laughed and visited with Jeanne, Maddy, Erinn and Bridget.

Amanda was making fun of the mustang on the back on my mom's 1972 letter jacket (let's just say it's not like the logo they have now and is kinda weird looking) mom snapped back with "It's a bucking horse, buck you!". It was freaking hilarious...we were all crying from the tears of laughter!

Bridget also cracked us up as she shared with us her dad's terminology for today's technologies and new consumer products....Epods, Blueberry's (not Blackberry), and North Stars (aka Rock Star energy drinks). :)

Oh yeah, and the spot where my mom and I parked Suzy Suzuki couldn't have been closer to the had issues trying to get out of the car (see pic below).

It was such a fun day...full of laughter and love:).

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