Tuesday, September 2, 2008

one more thing...

Forgot to post this vid...hahah...off to the church we go...a typical departure for us:).

Oh and a few quotes from the weekend...

-"We are not taking you guys to taco bell" (Bri) "Do you guys wanna make tuna sandwiches?" (Ryan)
-"That's right...1750 points...bitches!" (Jillian...and the girls playing Farkle)
-"Oh I get it!" (Dev)
- "Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get on up...it's bobsled time!" (Farkle gang)
-"What the hell?...My plant is charred...You guys made a fire in my planting pot?" (Bri)
-"Is it bad that I got a cart?" (Bri, Jillian, and Shan at the liquor store)
-"Joey, no...don't try to burn the bug on the wall with a lighter!" (Dev)

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brownie said...

Somewhat disappointed you went with the slow, old guys last night instead of the lightning fast group. And I won't get over it until you post a course preview of the Rim Rock Run.