Monday, September 1, 2008

what a weekend... this weekend will have to be summed up in a number of posts...not just one. Yes, because it was just that fabulous. :)

Going back to Grand Junction this weekend to visit and catch up with college friends was such a blast! It allowed us take a step back in time...a time when our biggest stress may have been the two tests we had back to back the next day...or, whose house the next "group" get together was going to be. Being a part of "the group" has provided me with countless memories...made me feel accepted...and made me feel like I was a part of something great.

Here are some of my favorite pics/memories from this weekend. Again...this will be continued over the next couple of days :).

The picture above just cracks me up...for a number of reasons. First of all is the obvious one...Linz- you are just hilarious and I've seen that look a number of might be the tail end of the "don't worry about it" line the boys just love to say. JFK- the look on your face is so you, it's not even funny. Brian- the yawning...If he only knew how many more hours he would be awake, and that he would be showing up to breakfast 1 of 2 to arrive in the same clothes they wore to the wedding. Micah, Bri, and guys just make this pic come together...hahah. I love it!

I believe that Shannon and I took 2 very similar pictures at Linz's and Micah's wedding...hum, that's interesting. I think we are finding the marg's extra tasty! :) Na...never. I believe the boys were doing the Vanilla Ice Ninja dance...ooh...I have a video of this!

Ok...again...this post will be continued! :)

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