Sunday, September 7, 2008

skirts...friends...sun...and fun:)

What a fun, fulfilling weekend! A change of scenery...a change of routine...overall a grand ol' time.

Beth and I left Sat afternoon with friends and headed up to Cherry Creek for the Skirt Chaser 5k. A delayed start 5k where the women start at 5pm...the men at 5:03. Lots of women running in cute skirts, we only saw one guy sportin' one:). After the race we headed to this tavern in Cherry Creek to relax and get some food. It was such a fun event and was just great to get away to someplace different. :)

This morning, Beth, Maili and I headed up to Rampart Reservoir for a long run. 15 miles to be exact...farther than Romester and I have ever run before. It was absolutely beautiful, so enjoyed being by the water...running through the trees! The hills were pretty rough on the leggos...especially due to the soreness from the 5k extreme push the night before! We went clockwise from rainbow gulch, so by the time we were running accross the damn, I was ready to be done. 5 miles more and we were in fact finished...tired, hungry and with even tighter legs:). I hadn't been up to Rampart since my mom, brother and I spread my dad's ashes up there a couple years ago. It was so good for my heart and mind to be someplace remote, meaningful, and so gorgeous!

Romester and I then went to Jimmy John's for a sammie...stopped by mom's to see her, jeanne, maddy, erinn and ken...then to costco...then target...then couch...then oh yeah- sushi...(we were hungry again by dinner time)...then to jeanne's to pick up the season 4 The Office DVD's...then home to couch again. Wow...tired just writing it! :) It was a grand day...oh yeah...and we love diet orange soda...can't get enough.

This eve I am going to bed feeling to see friends and family, travel to different places, eat yummy food! And even though i'm totally wiped out...I enter the work-week knowing I had lots o' fun!

On our way up to pretty!


Megs said...

15 miles is some serious kick-butt!

I had fun hanging out and running yesterday! Let's do it again sometime!

brownie said...

Whoever invented the running skirt should win the Nobel prize. It's the greatest invention since the jogbra.

I saw your boss's wife out drinking, but hot him, what a wuss!