Sunday, September 14, 2008


So yeah....butt/hamstring/low back/quads/knee...all still hurting, all still a mess. Poo. Forcing me to take a break, rest and recover...even though i'd love to, seems to be no fighting this one. When dealing with a sharp, pinching pain- I don't really feel like pushing through that sort of pain is worth it. I'd rather return to running sooner than later. It's amazing how much more free time I have without running so many hours on the weekend.

Enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the Olive Branch with Staci this morning...then off to a family get together at Mom and Ken's. I was so spoiled as I got to indulge in some precious baby-holding of 2 month old Autumn Riley.

I so excited...I found our new book club book 'Certain Girls' by Jennifer Weiner on for $8.00 plus shipping! A total steal after seeing it forsale at Barnes & Noble for $24.00! Should be arriving any time now. It's the sequel to our recent read 'Good in Bed'.

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brownie said...

You can only rest 'till Sunday, then it's time for the Pony Express!