Sunday, October 5, 2008

this and that...

These last few days have been good ones:).

Thursday, I took my new New Balance 1224's out for a spin...a slow and steady paced run around my neighborhood. It was so nice to really let my mind wander, get some pain-free time on my feet, and ponder the many miles I have yet to log before Austin. I absolutely loved the model...even better than the 1223's; cuter too!

Friday, I enjoyed a short run with the CRC crowd down at Monument Valley Park, and then chowed on some yummy wooglin's pancakes. No pinching in the butt...but still some pretty tight hamstring/piriformis. After work, I headed over to Beth's, where we indulged in many girls' favorites...tacos, cookie dough, and Sex and the City (movie). What a way to bring in the weekend.

Saturday, I know I was taking a risk in tackling the incline, but with no time actually turned out great! I really just focused on keeping a my step/toes pointing forward with every step, and not compensating for a tight left leg. The downhill trip on Barr was worse then the steps...I could feel myself shortening my stride. Made my legs feel different lengths. But overall, Sat am turned out to be a pretty good workout. A few hours logged at the CRC, then it was off to an early night cap at mi casa.

Sunday, I did a short 40 min recovery run around the neighborhood in order to loosen up the tight quads developed from the incline/run down Barr. A nice slow jog...again peaceful music, a pleasant breeze, thoughts about cold runs ahead this winter!:) Then it was off to Monument Valley Park with Beth, where we volunteered for the Fall Series (adult and kid races) and helped out our good friend Micky (Pres of Pikes Peak Road Runners) . It was fun to cheer-on our friends; many of them CRC folk...and yell for them while they were in pain running through 1/2 mile of waist-high water! Beth and I ended up running all around the park as we helped mark the course for the kids series. We left there covered in blue flour. The kids were absolutely adorable to watch...many crying by the end of the race. Hilarious. Diet Cherry limeades from Sonic, and we were off to Tammy's for a BBQ/Bronco game hangout.

Such a fun, eventful, encouraging weekend! Even though my butt/hamstring aren't 100% recovered, I feel the tightness starting to loosen. I will continue to stretch, get massaged (by Tammy), get beat-up by Tony (ART guy) and focus on building back up the time on my feet. I am so excited to be training for the Austin Marathon.

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Bri said...

you are amazing. don't push too hard girly. i love your "short 40 min recovery run" ha ha. that sounds like a gauntlet to me. love ya.