Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bunch o' things...

Maddy and I went to my brother's show last night and it was so awesome! :) (Pics to come later...too lazy to upload now). It was the kickoff show to their west coast tour that starts this weekend! I get goosebumps every time I see them proud of him.

I am very upset with my new pain in my left periformis is killing me! I really think I irritated it after doing a 5k sat night...then 15miles at Rampart on Sunday. It's that numbing feeling that I can feel deep in the butt...down the hamstring...and up to the lower back-rrrrr! I had planned to do the incline today on my day off, but I think that may be the worst thing I could do workout-wise at this point. I'm just annoyed that I up my milage just a tad and this is the result. Boo-stick. So...I slept in this am and ended up relaxing on the couch with roomie and watched the food network while we sneezed and delt with our annoying allergies! Maybe i'll just hit-up the CRC social run this eve instead.

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Briana said...

by the way, i haven't heard back from Dave, the owner of Mesa Theater yet, I think he is out of town, as I haven't seen him for a while. I will try to call him again tomorrow. I will also talk to Ryan about an interview on the radio. what day are they coming through? thanks. love, b