Monday, May 10, 2010

A day for Mom.

What a fantastic day yesterday. Woke up early and met Amber for a preview of the Garden 10 Mile course, beginning at Memorial Park in Manitou. I forgot what a beast the route is. But...we finished 5 minutes faster than my race time 2 years ago. That proved that I am indeed in better running shape compared to two years ago...something I don't always believe to be true. June 13th will be official Garden race day.

Then it was off to Mom's house. I picked up some of her favorite flowers on the way. These will always represent my dear Mother:).

We headed up to Denver to pick up my brother for lunch. I had to capture the coolness of my kombucha. Check out those cultures!
We headed to the place that we took her for her Bday back in Oct. Mona's is such an awesome place...the food is amazing, decor so beautiful. Definitely didn't disappoint. They have chalkboards that run along the booths to draw on. This definitely screams my Mother. Adam and her did a little doodling.
Next, we headed to Wash Park to do a bit of strolling. It was packed...but so beautiful. People watching sure is fun. PS, all of these pics were taken with my point and shoot camera. All, but the people shots turned out great...sorry for the random blurriness:(.

Leftover wine from last night's wedding reception...

I love you so much Mom- thanks for such a great day, for always being there for me, letting me grow, loving me, and sharing your heart. I loved being with my family today...what a gift they are.

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