Monday, May 3, 2010


Hello to all:). I hope everyone's weekend was/is great! Yesterday was a great "Saturday" for me. It started with the usual long run with the girls. This time we ran south on the trail beginning at El Pomar Sports Complex. It was absolutely gorgeous out! However, the last half hour or so we saw the extremely dark clouds beginning to surround us. Crap was about to roll in. But...we did indeed finish in time to miss it. Dani and I had a great long, FLAT run...something we both hadn't done in quite a while. After not running Saturday, the legs felt fresh, but man the hips were tight at the end! Aside from the annoying arm chafe (ow!), this was a wonderful run.
After the run, food, and a shower, I looked outside to see rain/sleet/snow blowing in...really? It's stinkin' May 2nd people. Come on. Perfect weather to hit a movie with some friends. We went and saw 'City Island', which I had never heard of...and it was SO GOOD. Laughter, emotion, real family issues...great film, I highly recommend you see it.

After the movie and a few errands, Jill and I attended a much needed yoga class. Although "somebody" was extremely frustrated with her towel situation...we both were given some extreme hip openers and juicy adjustments...just what I needed. After the sweat session, Jay fixed us an amazing dinner...yummo! Delish food and some intense rounds of BananaGrams (have you experienced this super sweet game?)...a perfect wrap-up to the day.

Have you guys been checking in to see Ali's Week in the Life project? Looking at these pictures really makes me want to do beautiful.

I'm off to experience King Chef for the first time with two cool kids.

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