Sunday, May 9, 2010

And Lady Gaga said..

Yesterday was full of both rushing about, and letting the day unfold. After the typical busy Saturday at CRC, Brads and I swung by Eve's for a little shopping. I left there empty handed but she found some super cute stuff! Next, it was off to Lori's baby shower...great to see her + lot's of fun yogis! With an unplanned evening, Monika, Lora, Sarah and I took advantage and headed to the Blue Star for a drink. One conversation lead to another, which lead to us venturing down to Amber's family's Roman Villa. A 50 year-family-owned, amazing Italian restaurant. The food was absolutely amazing. We ordered three different things and sampled them all. We all stumbled out of there in a food/carb coma like no other. It was grand.

Speaking of Amber...I'm off to go run the Garden 10 Mile course with her!!'s a day spent with mom...can't wait!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Kate said...

Hi - I love the mother/daughter run thing. I have just planned to do the same thing with my daughter in 2011 - hopefully it will be a 10km run in Noosa, Qld, Australia. I found your blog via my sister at Hydrangea House. She was the inspiration in me getting mine up and running !