Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A fun one...

Lot's going on today = lots of fun photos. It all started with a little 'Parenthood' season finale this morning with my coffee.

Thanks for the pry bar John.

Yes, Micky again!

Sarah...what an amazing teacher she is.

John: "Ah YOGA! really are going to be a teacher aren't you!"
Happy Bday from Adam! Yes! Homemade mate' here I come.

JT made me promise he'd make the blog today...
Stuffing night...we've got it dialed in.
Wine helps.
Maddy- love me!
JT found me. His face is a tad creapster.
Alex calls this "attitude."

Three times you're featured, JT...that cut it?

Nanight folks.


brownie said...

Definitely your best post ever! But holy hell do I look creepy in all those pics...

Harsha said...

I hear today is your birthday. So, whatever.. Happy Birthday! Your blog still sux.