Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Looking at these is REALLY making me want to do 'A Week in the Life' for myself. I was thinking about possibly doing it the last week of my 25th year (which is fast approaching)...as sort of a visual remembrance of the year, as well as a reminder of the moving forward about to occur.

Any thoughts?? Maybe I'll take the pics, journal...and take the time to put the album together when I have the time. Still pondering.

I did not want to get up for the Garden run this morning. I actually didn't want to get up falling asleep last night. But...looking at the rest of the week (holy coldness), and thinking about how much I love my Jess-catch-up-time, I new 5 o'clock wouldn't be that bad. As always, I was glad I went. It was fairly nice out and seeing the sun shine bold on the rocks was stride-stopping. I unfortunately didn't bring my camera or my phone, bum.

I helped a blind man today at the store. I took him on a stoll around the store in about 8 pairs of shoes. He was so genuine and gracious. I also helped a woman that has this rare disease where working out too hard/long makes her develop a fever and get sick instantly. She told me to be grateful for my health...and after helping the two of them...I really am.

Biggest Loser, Parenthood (the only two shows I sometimes catch during the week), book, tea, and bed are my plans for the rest of the eve.



Jess said...

Love our Tuesday morning runs, too. I will be sad to miss next week. Thankful for stunning light this morning and your company. May these last couple of week of your 25th be filled with joy. xoxoxo

Margaret said...

Hello Jillian - thank you for visiting an "older" (clearly older than your Mum!) Week in the Life and for your kind comments. My niece wants to do it too next time - she will be 22, and it will be very interesting to see yours and hers! You have some lovely photography on your blog. My nephew (the actor!) turned 25 yesterday - but you might know that already! Blogs are amazing things - I am just a beginner blogger myself.

Kaye said...

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart"
Celia Thaxter (American Poet, 1836-1894)

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Have a Grateful Day!