Monday, May 31, 2010

Farty...a questionable word.

Found out today that blogger had an update:) cool things found, and I'm sure there's tone more. Yay. Added a 'Pages' tab on the right with my favorite posts and Week in the Life. More organization, can you guess this brings me joy? Thanks for the idea Katherine!

Today was grand. Period. No agenda, no plans, and what came out of it? ... pure joy, contentment and one step closer to balance.

* No alarm.
* A binder and some more tools for my Week in the Life project: thank you Office Max.
* A new perspective on a place which usually is a run, but today it was enjoyed simply. Easily, it's beauty was revealed in a way I've never seen it before.
* Windows pried open. Finally.
* Handstands in the grass.
* Homemade food...kind of.
* Bananagrams. 
* The end of Terrorizing Days Territory Days = no more lack of parking in front of my house + hellacious traffic + no more loud music:).

Thank you:)

Goals for the week: get the VW's AC working properly so every drive doesn't involve back sweat, and begin Week in the Life assembly.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday... with Carrie, Charolette, Miranda, and Samantha.

What a fun Sunday:). Long run with the girls...Baptist Road north on the trail, Sex and the City 2 with Sarah and Jill, BBQ at the Blackmore's for a wonderful afternoon/eve. Aside from "Terrorizing Days" traffic outside my house and along hwy 24...all was right in the world.

Nanight kids.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

the final day...

The last look at A Week in the 8, yes one day more than seven. Once I get working/finished with the album, I'll post some edited photos up.

Thanks to all that made this day so special. I'll be shutting my eyes tonight with a full heart.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A fun one...

Lot's going on today = lots of fun photos. It all started with a little 'Parenthood' season finale this morning with my coffee.

Thanks for the pry bar John.

Yes, Micky again!

Sarah...what an amazing teacher she is.

John: "Ah YOGA! really are going to be a teacher aren't you!"
Happy Bday from Adam! Yes! Homemade mate' here I come.

JT made me promise he'd make the blog today...
Stuffing night...we've got it dialed in.
Wine helps.
Maddy- love me!
JT found me. His face is a tad creapster.
Alex calls this "attitude."

Three times you're featured, JT...that cut it?

Nanight folks.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday: Family time...

The tint of this pic is how my eyes were feeling at 5am.

Off to run there...

I found two dimes on the exit/entry mat @ Wooglins. And, I got this fancy Team Mickey mug!

Nice one Alex.

Can you guess which one I had the intent on buying? Sorry fellas.

Chilla says: "give me a treat you B."

Love Mom and Ken's new place up in Cascade. Feels like they are finally home:)