Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dopler... as I like to call it.

The mind has moved on from the Ascent, but the body?...maybe not so much. Three short and slow runs this week were pretty miserable thanks to a returned nagging hammie/glute. I thought we had made up, or come to some sort of compromise over the last few months, but I may have really pissed it off last Saturday. This and the IT band injury at the beginning of 2009 have luckily been my only running issues since I started about three years ago. What to do now...heal time, no running goals for a bit, learn to let go a little bit. ??? Hum, not sure how this will all go over.

CRC North will open Oct 1st...doesn't seem real after all of this time talking about it! Many of our current customers who reside north end have expressed their excitement on several occasions.

The extensions program for CPY teacher training is awesome. We're two weeks in, and already we've dialed in some specifics on our voice, projection, themeing, music, and heat. Everyone has "their thing" I've been told when it comes to learning to teach yoga. That one thing that holds them back at the beginning. That one thing they really have to be aware of or change in order for growth. For me it's the seriousness/lack-of-Jillian coming out in my voice. Hum... lot's to work on here.

The practice card I made that sits at the top of my mat every time I practice...

Mom and Ken supposedly have some top of pikes peak/end of the race pics of me. Not sure how attractive they are or if they are even pleasant enough to post...?

A couple of people have given me a few that are pretty neato.
Aww...Chelsa! :)
Amber... your face is bad ass! 

Moansie... since you told me you read my entire blog the other day... I shall share some music with you here:

-Junior Boys: 'The Equalizer' and 'In the Morning' 

Remember... If you'll hire me based on my playlist alone...we can chat:).

Last night I partook in a pretty much amazing experience... Bingo ladies and gents. I've been lucky enough a couple of times in the past to enjoy this cup of over-stimulation...but last night was just oh so special. Tara, Rory, Sarah and I just laughed histerically... in a very quiet way of course... the entire time. It was the 10:30p session, so out came double-decker-dobber (or dopler's as I like to call them)-bags, the 20-sheet per game participants, "blazin balls"- yells, and hot pretzels with cheese. None of us were big winners last nights...but we shall return. 

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