Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes, the Pikes Peak Ascent is donezo! Once I get some more pics from friends and family I'll definitely share... but overall... wow, tough race. Definitely my worst racing experience ever. Pain, nausea, total range of emotions, altitude drama, longest time on my feet...this list could really just go on. I made it to the top eventually... in 4hr 15min. Fifteen minutes past my goal... but with two miles to go, my time goals really just fell off of the mountain and out of my mind, and I just wanted to be done. So grateful to have my friends and family at the start and finish of this beast...definitely a memorable day. Amber and Jess were right... I'll never look at the mountain the same way again.


brownie said...

365 more training days until the Pikes Peak Marathon!

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! 4 hours 15 minutes is nothing to scoff at :-) I just hiked the Barr Trail as part of the Pikes Peak Challenge event, and it took me 9 hrs 15 minutes. I couldn't imagine running up the trail, you are awesome for accomplishing that!