Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The Peak was much nicer to Amber and I yesterday compared to last Monday. We weren't as high however, so the altitude factor didn't quite play the role it did the previous time. Memorial Park to Barr Camp was the route, giving me a good taste of the first paved mile+ to Barr. With ten flat miles the day before, doing this on tired legs was definitely interesting. I just kept telling myself that I'll feel even better on the actual Ascent race day... how many days and counting? 21st of August... can't it just be here now? After a quick kneel in the creek- ahh, legs...we continued on to our Great Harvest pit stop post-run. Love, love, love their bread...and sandwiches.

A random shot I found online from BTMR...I won't say where I found it so I don't get into trouble...:)

The final week of Teacher Training is here...wow, did 8 weeks ever go by quickly. A few lose ends to tie up before graduation and our test-out on Sunday. John leaves tomorrow for Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City until Friday, so aside from no Slave in the store, it's business as usual for me this week. Did I mention that we signed a lease for a second store up in the North end of town!? Exciting!...opeing Oct 1st! More on this later.

Friday begins birthday week for some of my favorite people: Jeanne, Maddy, and Sarah... can't wait for parties, cake, presents and possibly some beverages. 


Megs said...

Where up north, Jilly?

Jillian said...

Briargate Pkwy and Union... King Soopers shopping center right next door to starbucks and smoothie king! Near you? :)