Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quality time, growth, laughter...

Again with a full week's catch-up. Almost.

Later in the week I headed up to mom and ken's house for dinner. Adam was in town from Denver. We ventured over to Grandma's house where we spent some time in Grandpa's room looking through his stuff. Note the hilarious glasses he is wearing above:). The sign has been on Grandpa's door since I can remember; always a good quote.

Friday afternoon was a celebration of Jeanne's 50th Birthday! Jeanne and the special women in her life all gathered at the Wisdom Tea House up in Monument. This place is beyond amazing... wonderful teas, tasty food, great ambiance. So honored to be a part of her special day. See the cool thing she did for each of us here.

Saturday was packed to the brim.  Work began at CRC at 7am with First Saturday/Sidewalk Sale! Craziness from the minute the store opened. Afterward, it was off to the second to last teacher training session. We practiced teached, and prepared for our final test out taking place on Sunday. Quick change and I headed over to the Kolher's BBQ, also known as "Megan's Party" (inside joke). Buffalo burgers, homemade guac, hummus, grilled corn, cabbage salad (yum Jess!), pie, cake, and a few alcoholic beverages out on the deck. Ryan later mentioned "well, glad to know this deck can hold this many people"...hum. Loved the quality time with friends:).

Today (Sunday) was CPY Teacher Training Graduation Day! We all walked in with bundles of nerves, ready to get the next two hours under our belt and celebrate with good food and fun! Charlotte was my partner today...absolutely love her. We did make eachother cry at the end as each of us taught. So many hilarious memories of her. Kelly brought a pinata!!...totally hilarious. Lora and Kathy really knocked er' clean. I was just double checking to see if there was any candy left in the sandal (pic above).  Our memory/thought poster was filled with funnies... I wrote about Story and her riding her motorcycle to hot yoga, sitting out front of the CA studio smoking a cigarette story she shared back the first week of the training. She responded by writing "Jillian = 100% pitta = 100% hot!!" Today was such a memorable day. I seriously cannot believe 8 weeks just flew by like that. I've learned so much about myself, about yoga, other people, breath, movement, internal truths, communication, etc. I will fall asleep tonight content and happy.

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