Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why is it...

that when you happen to be carrying the most crap possible...disaster strikes. Oh yeah, and you are usually running a tad late as well. Ugg.

My hands were full with the following this am as I entered the garage: purse, yoga bag, lap top bag, lunch sack, sack filled with mini friendship bread loafs to give my mom calls it "the lazy mans load". I decided last minute that I needed to grab a diet orange crush soda out of the garage instead of coming back for it, I somehow seemed to shimmy (ha- love that word) the fridge door open and got my hand on a sodie. Next, disaster. On the way out of the fridge, I knocked the can against one of the inner door shelves and soda started spewing everywhere. Crap!! I heaved the soda out into the front grass and as orange sticky dripped down my legs, I watched as it mimicked a lawn sprinkler. Are you kidding me.

The rest of the day got better after that and I happily enjoyed a very unbalanced hot yoga fusion class this evening. Maybe being the 3rd yoga class I've taken this week had something to do with my balance issues tonight? I know what will fix it...Incline in the morning with Monika! Yes, I know, you don't have to say it... I have problems.

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