Wednesday, April 1, 2009

that was embarrassing...

After work I so was looking forward to my yoga class over at the Nevada studio...until it happened. The nightmare we all, new yogurt people have...being in the wrong class...became a reality. F.

I had conveniently positioned myself in the worst possible location for this to happen...up against the mirror, in the middle-the furthest spot from the door. More and more people keep filtering in, and we all keep having to adjust our mats...resulting in 5 rows, with 12 people in each row! Holy crap, about 60 people in that tiny space...another reason this situation couldn't have been worse. So...the instructor comes in and doesn't mention the class name, but mentions it is 75 minutes long. I thought to myself, "wait, the C2 classes are an hour...holy crap, what class am I in?". So I ask the sweet girl next to me which one it is and she says C3...F (again). Now what do I do? I roll up my mat like a sloppy burrito and make a dash for the door! I was followed into the changing room by one of the other instructors (who I've taken a class from before), that was taking the class(not teaching it)...and she asked if I was ok, and I explained to her that I made a mistake on the what class I thought it was and that I was still pretty new. Double humiliating..."just keep it coming" I thought to myself. She persuaded me into coming back in (yes to a room full of 60 people), even after I told her I would feel bad. We waited until everyone was in their starting "child's pose", we both snuck back in, and I tiptoed back to my far away spot by the mirror.

The class was actually really great...very challenging...lots of consecutive minutes of "flowing". I was sweating like no other...really no surprise there...and the girl next to me gave me a few confirming, "it's are not a complete retard." Like Andy has said before, "I feel like I was doing yoga in a box"...that's exactly what it was. Due to my high levels of anxiety and stress at the start of the class...I never fully relaxed enough to enjoy it...but hey, it was a great workout! :)

Oh well... lesson learned. In the midst of her snickers, a sensitive friend confirmed the obvious for me this evening, "maybe you should have double checked the schedule." Exactly what I'll be doing from now on. :)

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