Tuesday, April 7, 2009

seeing things...

differently in new glasses:). I suddenly just had a thought...I'm going to present a 'question of the post'... feel free to respond when called to do so...i'd love to hear your words.

Question: when did you start truly seeing the person you care for most?

My computer keeps shutting off randomly...big fat arg! I think my battery notification is weird or something...rrr.

So far this week...
Sunday- 90 min run/walk (5 min on 1 min walk) with Staci
Monday- core/arms
Tuesday- 35 min run at MVP...a few stretching/walking moments in there

plan for the rest...
Weds- yogurt
Thursday- Full moon run and margs at Amandas
Friday- CRC am run
Sat- Incline with Herizons
Sun-...?...weather? Easter? Who knows...

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Emily said...

Cute glasses, Jillian!